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Impacts of Green New Deal Energy Plans on Grid Stability, Costs, Jobs, Health, and Climate in 143 Countries

Global warming, air pollution, and energy insecurity are three of the greatest problems facing humanity. To address these problems, we develop Green New Deal energy roadmaps for 143 countries. The roadmaps call for a 100% transition of all-purpose business-as-usual (BAU) energy to wind-water-solar (WWS) energy, efficiency, and storage by 2050 with at least 80% by 2030.


Britain in two-week coal-free record

By BBC News Services Photo by PA Images UK

Britain has not used coal to generate electricity for two weeks – the longest period since the 1880s.


Greens surge as parties make strongest ever showing across Europe

By Jon Henley Photo: Hayoung Jeon/EPA

Green parties have swept to their strongest ever showing in European elections, boosting their tally of MEPs to a projected 71 compared with 52 last time. The result gives them every chance of becoming kingmakers in a newly fragmented parliament.


We Checked President Trump’s Dubious Claims on the Perils of Wind Power

By Brad Plumer Photo: Tom Brenner for The New York Times

It’s no secret that President Trump really, really dislikes wind power. He’s been vocal on the subject for years, ever since a battle with Scottish officials over a plan to build what he called a “really ugly wind farm” within sight of his golf resort in Aberdeen. More recently, in rallies and speeches, Mr. Trump has stepped up his attacks on wind turbines, suggesting that their noise can cause cancer (there’s absolutely no evidence of this) and predicting power failures when the wind stops blowing (also not true). Here’s a closer look at a few of his recent comments.


People Actually Like the Green New Deal

By Sean McElwee Graphic by Ash Ngu

Mitch McConnell’s show vote in the Senate on Tuesday rejected the plan, but Republicans may come to regret their mockery.


How Much Will the ‘Green New Deal’ Cost?

By Jessica McDonald

Since the ambitious and controversial Green New Deal debuted last month, Republicans and Democrats have sparred over the cost of the measure — a nonbinding resolution that broadly outlines how the U.S. should address climate change over the next decade.


What Is the Green New Deal? A Climate Proposal, Explained

By Lisa Friedman Photo: Pete Marovich for The New York Times

If you’ve heard a lot recently about the Green New Deal but still aren’t quite sure what it is, you are not alone. After all, it has been trumpeted by its supporters as the way to avoid planetary destruction, and vilified by opponents as a socialist plot to take away your ice cream. So it’s bound to be somewhat confusing. We’re here to help.