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Greenwashing Decarbonization

Better renewable energy technology will make greenwashing an idiotic strategy, and audited disclosure rules would make carbon-related greenwashing illegal. …


Is India′s auto industry ready to go electric?

India has big ambitions to slash crude oil imports and push for an electric vehicle future, but high costs and a lack of infrastructure could hamper the country’s green narrative. …


How accessible are EV charging stations across Canada?

How many electric vehicle charging stations are in Canada? How many would it take to support a country full of EVs? How long do they take to charge? Here’s what you wanted to know. …


In a world starved for lithium, researchers develop a method to get it from water

The world needs vast quantities of lithium to meet demand for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage. And the United States is way behind China in securing a supply of this rare metal….


Democrats push to overhaul mining law, citing clean energy

Prominent congressional Democrats are pushing to update the nation’s 150-year-old mining law, as President Biden seeks to spur the production of critical minerals used in electric vehicle batteries and other green technologies. …