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A Site for Wind Farm Work

By Christopher Walsh

The subcontractor that will perform the onshore cable installation for the South Fork Wind farm plans to use an approximately one-acre area at the end of an abandoned East Hampton Airport runway, adjacent to Industrial Road in Wainscott, as a laydown area.


South Fork Farmers Adapt as Drought Persists

By Christopher Gangemi Photo: Carissa Katz

While much of the South Fork of Long Island is now in a severe drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, many East End residents have not changed their watering habits despite warnings from the Suffolk County Water Authority. Not so for East End farmers. For them, water is a factor in every decision they make about which crops to plant, and which to forgo.


Coalition Urges Town to Buy Wainscott Sand Pit

By Christopher Walsh

A coalition has formed to stop the proposed redevelopment of the former Wainscott sand and gravel pit into a 50-lot commercial and industrial subdivision and to advocate instead for East Hampton Town to purchase the property for open space and municipal purposes.


Coastal Resiliency Plan Well Received

By Christopher Walsh Photo: Jane Bimson

The East Hampton Town Board held a public hearing last Thursday on the adoption of the Coastal Assessment Resiliency Plan, which highlights a spate of ominous predictions as to how climate change will impact the town.


E-Bikes Ride A Legal Side Street Between Bicycles And Motorcycles

By Michael Wright

The growth in popularity of electric bikes — bicycles with electric motors that can propel them at speeds up to 30 mph — has presented police agencies around the country,… more


Something Missing in Airport Documents?

By Christopher Walsh Photo: Durell Godfrey

In a charge amplified in a New York City tabloid on Friday, attorneys for plaintiffs who have so far thwarted the East Hampton Town Board’s plan to privatize East Hampton Airport have claimed that the town deliberately altered documents that were submitted to New York State Supreme Court, allegations the town’s outside attorneys say are “unfounded” and show a lack of due diligence.


Daggers Fly In Court Filings Over Legal Tactics In East Hampton Airport Lawsuits

By Michael Wright

One of the groups of plaintiffs in the gaggle of lawsuits challenging East Hampton Town’s attempts to impose new restrictions on flights into East Hampton Airport has asked a judge to kick the town’s two main attorneys off the case.


A ‘Tax the Rich’ Climate Protest Shuts Down the East Hampton Airport

By Alexandra Tremayne-Pengelly

Demonstrators demanding higher taxes for wealthy Hampton residents, who they claim are responsible for increasing inequality and climate emissions, blocked entrance to the East Hampton airport this morning. No flights were delayed.


Going Greener in the Home

East Hampton Town may get a lot greener if a proposal to phase out fossil fuel stoves, heating, and cooling systems is adopted. The change anticipates one recommendation to the State Legislature that would prohibit fossil fuel-powered devices in new construction in 2024 for buildings of less than seven stories and by mid-2027 for those seven stories or more. This would be a seismic change in the way people and businesses cook and keep warm in New York State and the already high cost of electricity on Long Island. Yet the stakes of inaction are even higher.


Push for All-Electric Could Be Big Jolt for New Construction

By Christopher Walsh Photo: Durell Godfrey

East Hampton Town’s Energy and Sustainability Advisory Committee has recommended to the town board that all building permits for new residential and commercial construction issued after Dec. 31 require that all appliances, including heating and cooling systems, be electric and energy efficient.