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The shortest route to achieving Biden’s climate and equity goals

Short-haul trucks and buses keep our economy going, but their pollution makes us sick and communities of color bear the brunt. The Biden administration needs to act fast to protect our health and reduce inequity by making those trucks and buses clean vehicles.      


Extreme weather reminds us we must (and can) tackle the climate crisis

Here are some reasons for hope, and helpful things you can do, now that a new season of extreme weather made worse by climate change has begun.      


A climate breakthrough for investor accountability

Exxon shareholders elected two of the four board candidates nominated by activist investors. Why this is a core win for the environment.      


Heat, fire, smoke and blackouts: How to live with our new reality

Five of California’s 10 largest wildfires occurred in 2020 — and experts don’t expect any reprieve this fire season.      


I’m an Asian American environmentalist. My story is a familiar one.

Asian American and Pacific Islander communities are valuable and necessary allies in the fight to address the climate crisis — allies who could wield the kind of political power key to environmental progress.      


A defining moment for ExxonMobil’s biggest shareholders — and for the climate

The upcoming shareholder vote is potential inflection point, as leading companies recognize that climate change presents a massive systemic risk, and that solving it is a multitrillion-dollar opportunity.      


Biden’s American Jobs Plan is smart climate policy. Here’s why.

The American Jobs Plan is designed to generate millions of new, good-paying union jobs, revitalize aging U.S. infrastructure and address historic inequities in access to clean water and air — all while combating climate change.      


This Mother’s Day, the climate fight is personal

Amanda Leland, EDF’s Executive Vice President, talks about why this Mother’s Day is the perfect time to talk about and tackle climate change, as a family.      


5 great things Biden did for the climate in 100 days — and 4 things he should do next

This decade is our last best chance to avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis. It’s clear we now have a president who knows that.      


Congress set to vote on major job-creating, national infrastructure bill

By Felice Stadler

Three months into the COVID-19 crisis, it’s clear that the American economy and the nation’s workforce needs more help. Millions are still out of work and experts have declared a recession. To address this need, next week the House of Representatives will take up a recovery bill that seeks to not…