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COP27 in Egypt Subjects LGBTQIA+ Climate Activists to Human Rights Abuses

The annual UN Conference of Parties to negotiate international climate policy is supposed to be held in different countries and continents in order to make it easier for activists from otherwise overlooked regions (the global south)…


New Online Database Helps Gardeners Plant to Attract Pollinators

Despite the importance of pollinators to the world’s food supply and ecosystem health, surprisingly little is known about which flowers many pollinator species prefer, which flowers are pollinated by which insects and how these interactions…


Increasing Nighttime Temperatures Could Raise Mortality Rates by 60%, Study Finds

A new study has found that as climate warming increases overnight temperatures, these hotter nights could increase mortality risks by as much as 60%. That’s because the higher temperatures interrupt sleep and make it harder…


What Is Slow Living?

It’s about just that: slowing down  Burnout from our culture’s perpetually fast pace is impacting our mental health, physical health, our environment, and our communities. The slow living movement is about bucking the expectations of…


Supermarket Food in the UK Could Soon Have Eco-Labels

What if when you went grocery shopping, the food and drink labels at the supermarket not only had nutrition information, but details about the environmental impact of products as well? This could soon be a…


Beluga Whale Experts Struggle to Feed Starving Whale Stuck in Seine River

Experts in France are trying to find a way to quickly save a beluga whale that is starving and stuck in the Seine River. Feeding attempts have been largely unsuccessful but will continue alongside efforts…


Saving Mother Earth: New Books About Feminism and Women Protecting the Planet

By John R. Platt In the wake of the Supreme Court’s devastating decision to strike down Roe v. Wade, it feels more important than ever to talk about the roles feminism plays in environmental protection. So…


Senate Passes Sweeping $430 Billion Legislation That Could Lower U.S. Carbon Emissions 40% by 2030

On Sunday, the U.S. Senate passed the $430 billion Inflation Reduction Act, aimed at fighting climate change, lowering prescription drug prices and raising certain corporate taxes. Following a long debate over the weekend, the tie-breaking…


Solving the Plastic Crisis Through Community Empowerment

Of the 8.3 metric tons of plastic produced in this world to date, 6.3 billion tons of that is trash, and less than 10% of it is recycled, which has created a global crisis, not…


The UN Just Declared a Universal Human Right to a Healthy, Sustainable Environment – Here’s Where Resolutions Like This Can Lead

By Joel E. Correia Climate change is already affecting much of the world’s population, with startlingly high temperatures from the Arctic to Australia. Air pollution from wildfires, vehicles and industries threatens human health. Bees and…