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The Future of Leather: How Pineapple Leaves, Cacti, and Mycelium Are Revolutionizing the Industry

Leather is everywhere – in our shoes, our purses and luggage, our winter jackets and stylish furniture – but its effect is seen globally. 
The post The Future of Leather: How Pineapple Leaves, Cacti, and Mycelium…


Scientists Can Now Track Agricultural Sulfur Runoff for More Sustainable Wine

As we strive for a more environmentally conscientious world, everything we eat, drink and buy can be looked at from the vantage point of sustainability. And that includes simple pleasures like wine. In California, wine…


Satellite Selfie Showcases Vulnerability of Great Barrier Reef

In 1968, a photograph taken from space helped galvanize the environmental movement. The famous “Earthrise” image of our planet rising from the moon helped raise awareness about the importance of protecting humanity’s only home. “The…


Lake Tahoe Town to Replace July 4th Fireworks With More Eco-Friendly Alternative

Fourth of July firework shows are getting harder and harder to stage as high summer temperatures fueled by the climate crisis increase the risk that they will spark wildfires. But one town in the drought-stricken…


Woman Gored by Bison at Yellowstone National Park in Third Incident This Year

One of the biggest attractions of Yellowstone National Park, which receives more than three million visitors a year, is the wildlife. More than 360 species — including black bears, moose, elk, bighorn sheep, bison, Canada…


Romantic Partners Can Influence Each Other’s Assumptions and Behaviors on Climate Change, Study Finds

Romantic partners can be the sounding boards for each other’s thoughts on all sorts of issues, including the climate crisis. But, until recently, there hadn’t been much examination of whether one partner’s views on climate…


Supreme Court Restricts EPA’s Ability to Fight Climate Crisis

The Supreme Court has restricted the ability of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fight the climate crisis.  In a 6 to 3 ruling on Thursday, the nation’s highest court ruled that the Clean…


Biodiversity Risks to Linger at Least a Half Century After Global Temperature Peaks, Study Says

Even if global temperatures start to decrease, after peaking this century due to climate change, biodiversity risks are likely to persist for decades, a new study by London’s Global University (UCL) and University of Cape…


New Plastic Alternative Degrades Into Sugar

Scientists around the world are working to find an alternative to fossil-fuel based plastics that contribute to the climate crisis and persist in the environment, including the ocean.  In the latest attempt at a sustainable…


Space Tourism Has Potential to Cause Astronomical Climate Damage, Scientists Find

Rockets used for space tourism could potentially have a much bigger effect on the global climate than the operation of traditional aircraft, researchers have found.
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