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Interior devotes billions to plugging old oil wells. Is it enough?

The agency under-counted abandoned wells by more than half, which means the effort covers only a fraction of the cost.

“A blind investment in oil”

Norwegian environmental organisations rage as the country's government issues a big number of new drilling licenses.

Climate crisis could wipe 1% a year off UK economy by 2045, say ministers

Global heating of 2C would cause billions in damage each year by 2050, according to risk assessmentThe climate crisis will wipe at least 1% a year off the UK’s economy by 2045 if global temperatures…

The Davos razzmatazz is gone, but the issues are more urgent than ever | Larry Elliott

Urgent questions from the climate crisis to tax avoidance remain on the tableIt is January 2020. Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg are the star turns at the annual festival of globalisation organised by the World…

30–50% of critical northern infrastructure could be at high risk by 2050 due to warming, says study

Thawing permafrost across the circumpolar North is posing an increased risk to transport and transportation infrastructure, and if left unchecked, could lead to tens of billions of dollars in extra costs, says a team of…

That solar panel of yours is a solution and a problem for the NWT

The NWT wants you to put a solar panel on your home and start generating your own energy. But it also kinda doesn't. And that's about to require some decisions.

Half Moon Bay faces issues due to sea level rise

A study examining vulnerabilities to the southern coast near Half Moon Bay from climate change was presented to the City Council Dec. 21, showing buildings like the Ritz Carlton are at risk from sea-level rise.