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‘I’ve found purpose’: Meet the ‘green defectors’ ditching high-flying careers in business and finance to tackle climate change

By Pilita Clark Photo: Galit Rodan/Bloomberg
Six years ago, Samantha Cooper had a high-powered job in London’s Canary Wharf financial district and a hard-charging life to match it.

Biden’s Build Back Better bill would give young people jobs to fight climate change. What would a new CCC look like?

By Ledyard King
As the only member of her immediate family who doesn't have asthma or bronchitis, Maricruz Ramirez has seen the threat an unhealthy environment can pose. And as someone who has grown up seeing and smelling…

Nonprofit Grid Alternatives trains women for careers in solar

By YCC Team Photo: Grid Alternatives
Agrowing number of women work in the solar industry, but they still account for less than a third of solar jobs. To prepare more women for employment in the industry, the national nonprofit Grid Alternatives…

Solving climate change means creating jobs

By John F. Kerry and Ryan Roslansky Photo: Karsten Moran/nyt
The world is gathered at COP26, the United Nations climate change conference in Glasgow, to come together and wrestle with a crisis that affects every country on our shared planet. We are already approaching nearly…

The 10 most in-demand green jobs right now—some pay over $100,000 a year

By Morgan Smith Photo: Getty Images
Conversations about climate change have been happening for decades, but recent events, including soaring gas prices and extreme weather, have given these discussions a new urgency. In response, sectors like renewable energy, environmental science and…

Will US Climate Policy Be Defeated by the Enmity Within?

By Joel B Stronberg
Washington continues to be in the throes of a knock-down, drag-out fight between Democrats in Congress and the White House over the two pieces of BIG legislation that matter most in terms of national climate…

How the US labor movement is getting to grips with the climate crisis

By Michael Sainato Photo: Chris Jackson/AP
In the beginning of this summer, the US state of Connecticut passed legislation to guarantee prevailing wage and benefits are provided to workers on clean energy projects. The law was a product of labor unions…

How much do energy industry jobs pay? A look at the data.

By Karin Kirk Photo: Dave Worth
As the U.S. economy recovers from the COVID-induced recession, the emphasis is shifting away from the simplified metric of the number of jobs, toward a focus on high-quality, high-paying jobs. As some service sectors languish with unfilled…

A third of Gen Z says climate change is a top concern. A new report says the climate crisis is pushing young adults to pursue more sustainability-focused career paths.

By Rebecca Ungarino Photo: Scott Eisen/Getty Images
Young adults born in 1997 onward are graduating from college and entering the workforce as the Earth is experiencing some of its hottest years on record. Studies show members of the cohort known as Generation…

‘How do I start a new career in a green job?’

By Sara Peach
Hi Sara, I am 50 years old and looking at a major career change. I have wasted most of my adult life at a soulless job that has provided for me and my family. In…