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Sustainable Development Undergrads Win Third Place In Circular Economy Competition

By Jason Wong

The Columbia team impressed retail executives and economic experts with its idea for a company that reuses and repurposes discarded furniture. …


Building A Circular Economy: A Society Where ‘There’s No Concept Of Waste’

By Anne Field

Our current economic model, waste-wise, is heading for disaster, according to many analysts—a world over-whelmed by plastic-filled oceans and toxic trash. One answer, according to a growing number of financial and business experts, is a circular economy that keeps resources in circulation for a long time, then recovers, recycles and reuses them when their day is done.


The Recycling Partnership announces first US circular economy roadmap

By Theresa Cottom

The Recycling Partnership has announced its first-ever roadmap aimed at addressing systemic issues in the U.S. recycling system and catalyzing the transition toward a circular economy for packaging. The report, “The Bridge to Circularity: Putting the ‘New Plastics Economy’ into Practice in the U.S.,” is inspired and endorsed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which has a New Plastics Economy Global Commitment to unite more than 400 businesses, governments and other organizations behind a common vision to target and address plastic waste and pollution at its source.


5 emerging jobs in the circular economy

By Elisa Wenzel

The circular economy is celebrated as a trillion-dollar opportunity beginning to penetrate industries around the world. There’s no sector or region left untouched by the potential for reinventing systems, products and services in a fashion that ultimately creates no waste and even regenerates natural systems.


Launch Of Omocom: Closing The Gap Between Circular Economy And Insurance

By Michal Gromek

Even when sharing belongings amongst trusted-peers, individuals might feel an underlying unease in the potential conflict that would arise, should the object be broken. Traditional insurance policies are also built on a premise of an ownership which has been a challenge in peer-to-peer transactions.


Why Blackrock’s New Circular Economy Fund is a Big Half-Step in the Right Direction

By Rob Kaplan

Last week Blackrock (NYSE: BLK) took a big step forward toward engaging public equities in building a circular economy with the launch of its BGF Circular Economy Fund.


Circularity and the 45% climate solution

By Joel Makower

Among the copious reports and white papers released during the third week of September — a.k.a. Climate Week — (a good roundup can be found here) was one that didn’t get much notice, but should. It neatly and powerfully places the circular economy at the center of untapped solutions to limit the worst impacts of a changing climate.


The Circular Economy Makes Way For The Circular City

By Daniel Neiditch

Today, half of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050, that number is expected to increase to two-thirds. More people living in condensed areas means higher amounts of waste, higher resource consumption and higher energy use.


3 ways companies can start embracing the circular economy

By Adele Peters

Even though the primary focus of climate action so far has been shifting to renewable energy, tackling climate change will also require completely rethinking how we make and use products.


How thredUP is Driving the Circular Fashion Movement with AI

By Sandra Ponce de Leon

Circular fashion is part of the circular economy, an economic system that at its core is embedded with an ideology of reuse, recycle and refurbish in order to eliminate waste, stop items from going into landfills, and extend the lifecycle of products by keeping them in use and in circulation.