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Coronavirus-induced oil price plunge is hurting the circular economy for plastic

By Robin Hicks Photo: Robin Hicks/Eco-Business

One of the biggest oil demand falls in history may be good news for emissions-watchers. But it’s bad news for the business of plastic recycling. How will pricier post-consumer plastic affect corporate sustainable packaging commitments?


How Instagram Culture Is Contributing To The Climate Crisis

By Sara Li Photo: Isabella Carapella/HuffPost; Photos: Getty

Social media feeds our appetite for fashion, but the result is a recipe for environmental disaster.


Is a world without trash possible?

By Robert kunzig

The vision of a “circular economy”—where we use resources sparingly and recycle endlessly—is inspiring businesses and environmentalists alike.


A Greener Red Carpet

By Carla Cantor

Will Joaquin Phoenix show up at the Oscars in the Stella McCartney-designed tux he vowed to recycle throughout the awards season? Will Jennifer Aniston dress in a vintage gown as she did last month at the Screen Actors Guild Awards?


Suavs Recycles Water Bottles Into Sneakers

By Debra Born

Take a sip out of that disposable water bottle that you bought when you thought no one was looking. Then hold the water bottle out and look at it as if for the first time. Notice I said look at it, don’t crush it, because the clear, corrugated plastic is sharp enough to cut you if you crack it.


Adidas to launch new fabrics from recycled ocean plastic, polyester

By Emma Thomasson

BERLIN (Reuters) – Adidas (ADSGn.DE) will launch new fabrics made from recycled polyester and marine plastic waste and expand the product lines that use them after the success of shoes made with the Parley for the Oceans initiative, the sportswear firm said on Tuesday.


Nestlé invests in food-grade recycled packaging

By Erin Sloan

A prominent food and drink processing company is making moves to further a circular economy and invest in more sustainable options for its packaging.


Policy is key to driving a more circular apparel industry

Such a shift would see the sector move away from the traditional linear ‘take-make-waste’ process by minimising waste and using materials that can also be recycled and reused at the product’s end of life. Circular business models also include rental, subscription-rental and recommerce.


Reducing food waste to tackle the climate emergency

Philip Simpson, commercial director at leading food waste recycler, ReFood, gives his insight into how fighting food waste can help in the “war against climate change”.


Ellen MacArthur Foundation launches metrics tool in bid to speed circular economy

By Terry Slavin Photo: Efired/Shutterstock

Terry Slavin reports on how the new Circulytics tool, which has been tested by 30 companies, including Brambles and DS Smith, will help companies track their progress on cutting waste and CO2 emissions