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After Biden’s first year, the US economy is surprisingly healthy. His prospects are not

Despite victories from Covid to climate change, the president is hamstrung and the nation as divided as everAt the 12-month mark, the obituaries for the Biden administration are being written. The polls are terrible. Biden’s…

Fed chair points to ‘narrow’ but important climate role

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell walked a political tightrope yesterday between Democratic demands for faster climate action by the Fed and Republican instructions to do the opposite. As a solution, he nodded to both.

Sen. Manchin voiced his strongest support yet for Democrats’ climate provisions. Will it be enough?

Sen. Manchin's comments yesterday provided a measure of relief for climate advocates, even as the timeline for voting on the bill was delayed yet again.

Why the collapse of Biden’s Build Back Better would be a major blow to the climate fight

It would be almost impossible for the US to comply with its greenhouse gas reduction pledges without the $1.75tn package that Manchin refuses to supportThe collapse of Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislation would have…

Democrats want to accelerate the governor’s Colorado’s Greenhouse Pollution Reduction Roadmap

In a move to bolster Colorado's push to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Democratic legislators are seeking to put pollution reductions outlined by the Polis administration into law, set deadlines and provide more money for the…

House Energy and Commerce leaders unveil sweeping climate change legislation

Senior House Energy and Commerce Democrats unveiled a template of their plan to combat climate change this Congress that would take a sector-by-sector approach to eliminate carbon dioxide and reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Oil and gas lobbyists optimistic about 2021

Energy and business lobbyists are shifting focus to influencing an administration that isn't President Donald Trump's, and some see the potential for a divided Congress to benefit industry even with voters concerned about climate change.