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England must reduce meat intake to avoid climate breakdown, says food tsar

The only way to have sustainable land use in this country, and avoid ecological breakdown, is to vastly reduce consumption of meat and dairy, according to the UK government’s food tsar….


It’s not just the dams: The Western drought is threatening the entire energy sector

The consequences of water shortages are playing out now in swaths of the American West, where an expansive, decades-long drought is forcing drastic cuts in hydroelectric power generation….


Northeast struggling through persistent drought conditions

Persistently dry conditions in the Northeast have plunged the United States’ most populous region into the middle of an intense drought — and it’s not yet clear if there’s any relief on the horizon….


Inflation Reduction Act: Will it address climate change?

Nothing we’ve done in 30 years has stopped the march toward climate collapse. Is Tuesday’s passage of the “Inflation Reduction Act” about to change that?…


Heat waves can overheat data centres, causing outages

As heat waves become more common and extreme due to the effects of climate change, the data centres that provide the backbone for the online services the public relies on are at risk of overheating.


Most Americans say government, corporations responsible for tackling climate change

When it comes to ascribing responsibility for addressing climate change, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to point to industry and government….


Is krill fishing accelerating climate change?

Aker Biomarine, which prides itself as being one of the world’s most sustainable fishing companies, insists its sustainability claims are built on science not greenwashing following the publication of a new report which is highly critical…


Record heat in 1954 does not disprove global warming

Social media posts claim a US heatwave in the summer of 1954 proves global warming is “only an agenda.” This is false….


Climate change is forcing Georgia peach farmers to explore new varieties

While the idea of warmer, shorter winters might sound appealing to farmers eager to tap into longer growing seasons, those engaged in Georgia’s massive peach industry are finding the trend alarming. …


Caribbean nations should push for climate finance at COP27, Bahamas PM says

Caribbean countries should pressure developed nations to provide more financing to mitigate the effects of climate change at the upcoming COP27 climate talks, the prime minister of The Bahamas said at a summit of regional officials…