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How drought threatens the power grid

Plummeting water levels in vast swaths of the country from drought and overuse are pushing the grid to the brink during a record hot summer that has sent power demand soaring….


With Corn Belt inching north, farm diversification gains momentum

Climate change is redrawing the agricultural map of the United States. As corn becomes less economically viable with changing Midwestern weather patterns, farmers look to a more diverse future….


Can traditional knowledge keep California from megafires?

This “indigenous revolution” aims to prevent catastrophic blazes, protect biodiversity, and enhance cultural and economic well-being at the same time….


Hear from those leaving a beloved, disaster-threatened home

Climate change has decimated Isle de Jean Charles, home to climate change victims including some Indigenous residents….


Leaving the island: The messy, contentious reality of climate relocation

The Isle de Jean Charles project is a test for how government could resettle communities threatened by climate change. It hasn’t gone smoothly….


Lake Garda recedes as global warming and extreme weather wreak havoc

Global warming and extreme weather is leading to severe drought, scarred landscapes, and dwindling water levels in Europe – with the likes of Italy’s famed Lake Garda seeing rocks where there was water just a year…


As climate change bites, it’s time for honest dialogue and bold solutions, say experts

While opinion polling in the UK suggests citizens are more worried about climate change following July’s heatwave, they’re not any more willing to make lifestyle changes (like buying an electric car or eating less red meat)…


Bad weather knocks down Brazil’s grain production as ‘exhaustively forewarned’

Brazil’s agricultural GDP declined by 8% in the first quarter of 2022 due to a severe drought in the country’s south caused by a rare triple-dip La Niña….


Wind energy boom and golden eagles collide in the US West | AP News

CODY, Wyo. (AP) — The rush to build wind farms to combat climate change is colliding with preservation of one of the U.S. West’s most spectacular predators — the golden eagle — as the species teeters…


On climate and health, how are territory, state and federal governments shaping up?

The News South Wales Government looks set to become the first government in Australia to join a global initiative supporting the development of climate resilient and low carbon sustainable health systems….