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In low-income countries, meat isn’t the problem. Western industrial animal agriculture is

Bringing Western industrial animal agriculture—and its disastrous environmental and health impacts—to low-income countries will do more harm than good. …


The U.S. is planning to boost supply of minerals needed for electric vehicles

The White House effort is part of a push to reduce America’s dependence on foreign products, particularly those from China. …


Climate change could increase risk of wildfires 50% by century’s end

Worsening heat and dryness could lead to a 50 percent rise in off-the-charts fires, according to a United Nations report. …


From Wall Street to the Amazon: Big capital funds mining-driven deforestation

Major U.S. and Brazilian financial institutions continue to underwrite the destruction of the Amazon by financing mining companies pushing to operate in Indigenous territories, a new report says. …


Why cities want old buildings taken down gently

A growing number of US cities are adopting “deconstruction” policies that involve taking structures apart by hand in the name of sustainability. …


The one group of people Americans actually trust on climate science

Local meteorologists are better positioned than anyone else to talk their communities through the facts about climate change. …


How to make algae biofuel and feedstock less expensive

Algae has big potential for biofuels, feedstock, and other carbon-cutting products, and the US Department of Energy agrees. But cultivating and harvesting it is still too expensive. …


Dominion plans coal ash landfill near Potomac River

Dominion Energy wants to create a permanent solution for a decades-long pileup of coal ash by building a new, lined landfill on its Possum Point property by the Potomac River. …