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Can Hawaiʻi-grown seaweed quell climate change? Maui marine group presenters think so

Can climate change be quelled with Hawai’i grown seaweed? Symbrosia, a Hawaiʻi-based startup company, thinks it can be; the group is striving to solve climate change by reducing livestock methane emissions with Hawaiʻi-grown seaweed. …


Dairy farms are cashing in on methane from manure

California is trying to cut greenhouse emissions from the state’s cars and trucks, and in a controversial twist, its efforts are putting cash in the pockets of dairy farms across the country. …


Joseph W. McFadden: Cows are not the new coal – here’s why

Cattle are part of a natural biogenic carbon cycle, and animal agriculture has a proven record of working toward a sustainable future. …


Rethinking Food and Agriculture 2020-2030

The fastest, deepest, most consequential disruption of food and agriculture in history, driven by technology and new business models, is underway. By 2030, modern food products will be higher quality and cost less than half the price of the animal- derived foods they replace, the dairy and cattle industries will have collapsed, and the rest of the livestock industry will follow.