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Intercepted podcast: EPA pressures scientists in chemical cases

Intercept reporter Sharon Lerner interviews the whistleblowers who provided key evidence substantiating the fact that corruption continues at high levels within the EPA to ensure that dangerous chemicals enter and remain in the market.

FirstEnergy to pay $230 million penalty in Ohio bribery probe

To possibly avoid a conspiracy conviction, Akron-based FirstEnergy Corp., the utility at the heart of a $61-million Ohio Statehouse bribery scandal, has agreed to pay a $230 million penalty for its role in the scheme.

How industry ‘environmental’ group helped foil California’s plastics crackdown

By Dustin Gardiner
SACRAMENTO — State lawmakers were on the verge of passing landmark bills to combat plastic pollution when a new advocacy group with a seemingly innocuous name arrived.

The Baseless Claim That Climate Scientists Are ‘Driven’ by Money

By Linda Qiu
The federal government’s most recent climate change report, released last week, warned that global warming could cause substantial damage to the American economy, human health and the environment. The report has prompted some critics to…

Denial and Depravity: The Conservative Conscience on Climate

By Peter Sinclair
Disgusting display on Sunday talk shows this week as one after another troglodyte climate denier trotted out to give ‘the other side” of the catastrophic warnings from the world’s most distinguished scientists. Still, the election…

The Interior Secretary Wants to Enlarge a Dam. An Old Lobbying Client Would Benefit.

By Coral Davenport
The project is going forward now, in a big win for a powerful consortium of California farmers that stands to profit substantially by gaining access to more irrigation water from a higher dam and has…