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Connecticut has ‘many offshore assets in place’

A study into opportunities for offshore wind in the US state of Connecticut has concluded that many of the assets required by the industry are already in place, but that other elements should be added quickly.


Key US federal permit at last for $235m Connecticut State Pier offshore wind revamp

By Tim Ferry

Final approval clears New London port to press ahead with redevelopment to become major manufacturing and marshalling hub


Groups urge bigger targets, more equity as RGGI states consider changes

By Lisa Prevost

As the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, known as RGGI, undergoes a thorough review by participating states, environmental advocates are demanding more ambitious emission reduction targets and a mandate for equitable distribution of the revenues.


Gardner Falls hydroelectric dam in Buckland gets $217K from USDA

By Domenic Poli Photo: Paul Franz

Work got underway at the Gardner Falls hydroelectric plant last month as the facility’s owner learned it would receive a six-figure grant to replace the equipment that safely interconnects the generator to the power grid.


Climate change arrives in Connecticut, imperiling coastal towns like Groton

By Eliza Fawcett and Alex Putterman Photo: Mark Mirko , MCT

Along the banks of the Mystic River in Groton, Zell Steever points to landmarks he doesn’t expect to survive climate change.


Climate Change Is Killing Trees And Causing Power Outages

By Julia Simon Photo: Julia Simon , NPR

On a hill in Oakland, Calif., Igor Lacan looks out from under his Stetson hat at the neighborhood below and begins listing trees.


West Hartford Town Council urges state to adopt climate change initiative

By Michael Walsh Photo: Christian Abraham , Hearst Connecticut Media

The town council is urging the Connecticut General Assembly to adopt legislation that would implement the Transportation and Climate Initiative Program.


Nature Conservancy Calls On State To Pass Climate Initiative

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) released its latest greenhouse gas reduction progress report, which tracks the state’s performance in meeting goals to address climate change.


Group calls on state lawmakers to do more to curb climate change

By Ayah Galal and Rob Polansky

Members of a group called Save the Sound and other supporters want transportation and climate change initiative legislation to be discussed in a special session.


Connecticut Coastal Research Shows Extreme Weather A Bigger Climate Change Threat Than Sea Rise

By Brian Scott Smith Photo: Brian-Scott Smith , Wshu public radio

New research from Eastern Connecticut State University shows that extreme storms will cause more coastal erosion than sea-level rise.