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Support pollinators this spring with flower ‘billboards’

We at The Optimist Daily are always looking for ways to help our pollinator friends. If you are looking to plant a pollinator-friendly garden this spring, then a new study led by Jaret Daniels and Elizabeth…

Interested In Eco-Friendly Gardening? Here’s What You Should Know

By Lisa Mullins and Hannah Chanatry Photo: Jesse Costa
Environmentally-friendly gardening, once considered on the fringe, has surged in interest in the pandemic, according to Mark Richardson, director of horticulture for the Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston. Richardson sees the trend in the…

How to prepare your coastal property for sea-level rise and weather extremes

By Jan Ellen Spiegel Photo: Ann Tihansky , USGS
People who live along the Atlantic seaboard are accustomed to dealing with environmental extremes: salt spray that can kill just about anything green; relentless wind that whips vegetation into Leaning Tower of Pisa shapes; sand,…

Central Park May Soon Be Free of Pesticides

By Mary Jo DiLonardo Photo: Johner Images / Getty Images
Kids and pets will soon be able to play in the grass at some of the country’s largest parks without being exposed to pesticides. Yogurt company Stonyfield Organic is continuing a major initiative to convert…

Planting Ideas for Garden Paths and Walkways

By Elizabeth Waddington Photo: Johner Images / Getty Images
Those who are interested in permaculture and regenerative gardening may be well aware of the benefits — both local and global — of maximizing photosynthesis in a garden. The more plants we include in our…

Why We Should Embrace Regenerative Gardening

By Elizabeth Waddington Photo: ViktorCap / Getty Images
Over the last decade or so, you may have heard a lot about regenerative farming or regenerative agriculture. But you may not realize you can implement the ideas it espouses in your own garden. If…

Insects are vanishing at an alarming rate—but we can save them

By Christine Peterson Photo: David Liittschwager/National Geographic
Insects aren’t just pests. They’re crucial for the planet and our food supply, and scientists say we can all pitch in to help.

Cities give green light for pesticide-free parks

By Scott Luxor Photo by Scott Luxor
Gary Petonke and the Wilton Manors-based Equality Garden Club have a vision for greening public lands in Broward County cities. It’s called the Green Initiative Project. The EGC, started in 2010 by five devoted gardeners,…

Tropical Gardening: Healing gardens to create peace of mind

By Norman Bezona
Last year, folks were complaining about wet weather in West Hawaii and too little rain in East Hawaii. Now, West Hawaii is getting much more rain than usual. Even the haole koa and kiawe are…

Sacramento Region Plans To Store Water Underground As A Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

By Ezra David Romero Photo by Kari Bluff
The Sacramento region is preparing for the long term impacts of the climate crisis when it comes to water supply. Central to the plan is a groundwater storage program with two to three times the…