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States are moving too slowly to guard the nation’s infrastructure

By Ian Duncan Photo: Kyle Grantham for The Washington Post
Responding to increasingly common extreme weather is a vast undertaking that many state transportation departments are only beginning to tackle.

Evansville wins environmental award for way it is developing its climate action plan

By Mark Wilson
The organization, formerly known the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, created the award to highlight communities for their green practices in the areas of procurement and municipal operations.

Duke Energy Foundation Awards $235,000 for Nature Grants in Indiana

We are proud to support these organizations, which work so faithfully to maintain and improve our natural environment," said Stan Pinegar, Duke Energy state president for Indiana. "Many of these programs provide benefits beyond the local co

‘New deal’ risks fuelling emissions and eroding building standards

Green campaigners and housing experts warn Boris Johnson’s recovery plan could swiftly become a liabilityBoris Johnson’s plan to build tens of thousands of new homes risks locking in high carbon emissions for decades to come,…

Special report on climate change on Cape Cod

By Nestor Ramos Photo: John Tlumacki/Globe Staff
The Cape we love is at risk now. Cape Cod is perched on a stretch of ocean warming faster than nearly any in the world. And as much as we might wish it away, as…

East Hampton Teens Call for Climate Action

By Christopher Walsh Photo: Durell Godfrey
Perhaps the greatest lesson, for students of all ages, is that one person really can make a difference.

A ‘Green New Deal’ Is Far From Reality, but Climate Action Is Picking Up in the States

By Brad Plumer
Michigan, Illinois and New Mexico have joined sixteen other states and Puerto Rico that make up the United States Climate Alliance — all of whom are vowing to uphold the Paris climate agreement.

MIT-Yale team spots revelation in Connecticut solar market

By Alexander Soule
In a new study published in the scientific journal Nature analyzing the Connecticut residential solar market, researchers found that sales were highest in towns where “solar ambassadors” touted the benefits of their own systems to…

Where climate change will hit the U.S. hardest

By Eileen Drage O'Reilly and Alison Snyder
Left unmitigated, rising temperatures from climate change will increase inequality and mortality rates in the U.S. by the end of the 21st century, a team of economists and climate scientists warn in astudy published today. It's…