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The Lasso Robot Wants to Make Recycling at Home Easier

By John Biggs Photo: Lasso

Recycling is important but it’s also a pain. Separating glass from plastic from paper isn’t a terrible task but what wouldn’t it be nicer if a robot did it instead? That’s why one inventor built the Lasso, a robot that claims to accept, indentify, and prepare recycling for proper reuse.


7 Ways to Dispose of an Old Christmas Tree

By Katherine Martinko Photo: Public Domain

If you purchased a real Christmas tree this holiday season, then you’ll have to figure out what to do with it eventually. Your town may have curbside pickup, but if not, you’ll have to get creative with how to make that tree disappear. Assuming your tree is free from sprays, paint, and tinsel, here are some suggestions.


Electronic Waste Reaches Record Levels, New Report Finds

By Deutsche Welle Photo: Curtis Palmer / CC by 2.0

Billions worth of valuable metals such as gold, silver and copper were dumped or burned last year as electronic waste produced globally jumped to a record 53.6 million tons (Mt), or 7.3 kilogram per person, a UN report showed on Thursday.


Electronic Waste: New EU Rules Target Throwaway Culture

By Jordan Davidson Photo: baranozdemir / iStock /Getty Images Plus

All those phones, computers and tablets we rely on are dependent on mined resources. Extracting and processing those resources accounts for nearly half of our greenhouse…


Is a world without trash possible?

By Robert kunzig

The vision of a “circular economy”—where we use resources sparingly and recycle endlessly—is inspiring businesses and environmentalists alike.


Why we dedicated our cover story to ‘the end of trash’

By Susan Goldberg

We feel bad when we throw out things that shouldn’t have become trash (like uneaten, past-its-prime produce) or expend resources needlessly (like leaving lights on when we’re away). This guilty feeling is deeply ingrained; the origins of the expression “waste not, want not” can be traced to the 1500s.


Florida legislature advances third attempt at curbside recycling contamination bill

By Katie Pyzyk

Last week, the Florida House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill (HB 73) listing contamination-related details that must be included in recycling contracts between municipalities and haulers or MRFs. Haulers would not be required to transport contaminated materials that violate the definition of acceptable recyclables, and MRFs would not be required to process them.


Can the Super Bowl go zero waste?

By Sarah Gibbens

This Sunday, Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium will try to eliminate its need for a landfill.


E.P.A. Is Letting Cities Dump More Raw Sewage Into Rivers for Years to Come

By Christopher Flavelle Photo by Ting Shen

The Environmental Protection Agency has made it easier for cities to keep dumping raw sewage into rivers by letting them delay or otherwise change federally imposed fixes to their sewer systems, according to interviews with local officials, water utilities and their lobbyists.