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Newsom signs nation’s most sweeping law to phase out single-use plastics and packaging waste

By Susanne Rust Photo: Jacqueline Martin

The legislation heads off a November ballot measure that many lawmakers and the plastics industry hoped to avoid, and it puts California at the forefront of national efforts to eliminate polystyrene and other plastics that litter the environment, degrade into toxic particles and increasingly inhabit human blood, tissue and organs.


Trash-to-Gas Isn’t a Fairytale Climate Solution

By Lauren Leffer Photo: Claudia Harms_Warlies, Shutterstock

It seems like magic: In millions of operations scattered around the globe (some big, some very small), waste is transformed into energy. Landfilled garbage, sewage, and farm effluent are processed into burnable biogas, which can be used as a substitute for natural gas, a fossil fuel. Unlike natural gas, which sits in limited supply deep underground, biogas is considered a renewable source of energy. As long as humans continue to poop and make trash, there can be more biogas.


What our garbage can tell us about the climate

By Sandra Goldmark Photo: Marcus Santos

Garbage speaks volumes. By systematically and scientifically studying modern waste, we can discover how the climate crisis came to be, and where we need to direct our efforts in order to effectively address it.


One California City’s Creative Drought Fix

By Soumya Karlamangla Photo: Jim Wilson , The New York Times

Take a drive through this picture-perfect wine country town and you’ll start to spot them, unsubtle symbols of our state’s extreme drought.


The garbage industry has outperformed the market since 2015. Here’s why

By Nathaniel Lee

America has long remained one of the most wasteful countries in the world, generating 239 million metric tons of garbage every year, about 1,600 to 1,700 pounds per person. While some view it as a threat to our environment and society, the solid waste management industry sees an opportunity.


Battling America’s ‘dirty secret’

By Sarah Kaplan Photo: Kaci Merriwether-Hawkins

Climate change raises the risk from failing sewage systems. So Catherine Coleman Flowers is working for a new way to deal with waste.


Methane menace: Aerial survey spots ‘super-emitter’ landfills

By Nichola Groom Photo: REUTERS/Mike Blake

The U.S. waste-management industry has become a darling of environmentally minded investors for its work in recycling trash and harvesting gases from landfills as an alternative fuel.


EPA Plans to Implement Federal Landfill Standards After Years of Trump Delays

By Amy Lupica

On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a plan to implement final standards to protect residents from the adverse impacts of municipal landfills. The Trump administration previously tried to delay these protections and waive restrictions on other sources of methane emissions. The EPA’s new standards are just one in a series of methane reduction policies the Biden administration has implemented.


EPA Unveils Plan to Reduce Dangerous Pollution from Landfills

The Environmental Protection Agency today announced a plan to implement final standards that will protect millions of Americans from the toxic and climate-damaging pollution emitted by municipal landfills.


EPA Will Ramp Up Environmental Enforcement, Focus on EJ Communities

EPA’s acting chief of enforcement sent a memo to staff last week (that The Hill obtained) calling for them to “[s]trengthen enforcement in overburdened communities by resolving environmental noncompliance through remedies with tangible benefits for the community” with a particular emphasis on “cornerstone environmental statutes.”