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Decarbonizing cities – how to harmonize buildings, mobility and infrastructure

By Francesco Starace and Jean-Pascal Tricoire Photo by Getty Images
An integrated approach is needed to fully decarbonize cities. Digitalization across buildings, mobility and energy infrastructure is key to achieving net zero carbon. Decarbonizing cities will not just benefit the environment, but also the jobs market, public health and well-being of communities.

Chicago Green Infrastructure: A History and Moving Forward

The pace of urbanization across the world has been impressive but as we look back today, a common trend is how often nature has been left out of our urban equations. As development expands, valuable green space, trees and plants are removed to make way for buildings, parking lots and roads.


COVID-19 in an opportunity to build a Kansas City better prepared for climate change

By Tom Jacobs

In the Kansas City region, there is hope and resilience in the time of COVID-19. We stand on the shoulders of leaders and poets alike, clear that we will overcome current challenges, creating a new if still undefined normal.


Workshop Will Teach the Basics of Community Organizing

By Tara Stafford Photo by Perry Grone

n the midst of the numerous intersecting pandemics we are struggling to address — COVID-19, racism, and climate change — it can feel overwhelming to know how best to contribute toward meaningful change.


How has Indianapolis responded to climate change?

By Anne Snabes Photo by RobertScheer

Over the course of six meetings, a new City-County Council commission will assess Indianapolis’ response to climate change — and do so in a way that also embraces the concept of environmental equity.


How Communities Can Adapt to Climate Change

By Ana Aceves
Climate change’s effects are already being felt today, so adapting will be necessary—and it doesn’t have to hurt. Explore how building resilience can have a silver lining.

Barnes Calls on Wisconsin to Tackle Climate Change

By Isiah Holmes

Next week the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change will hold two listening sessions — virtually — to hear how Wisconsinites are being affected by climate change, as well as soliciting ideas for solutions that state officials might be able to act upon.


City reworks its Community Climate Plan through an equity lens

By Jessi Devenyns

Five years ago, Austin’s Office of Sustainability began implementing its 2030 Community Climate Plan in order to work toward the city’s goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


Vermont Businesses Call For More Local Renewable Electricity

Businesses from all sectors of the economy wrote to lawmakers and government officials, expressing support for “a 100% renewable energy standard that supports significant expansion of renewable projects built in Vermont by Vermonters.”


Toolkit offers local governments a guide to harnessing clean energy

By Chris Hubbuch

Agroup of environmental organizations is offering to help local governments in Wisconsin address climate change and save money through a guide it has published on clean energy initiatives.