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Young indigenous activists are leading on climate justice in Alaska

By Tripp J Crouse Photo: Andrew Burton / Getty Images

“We do not want to stop our ways of life. That’s why we’re here.” Seventeen-year-old Quannah Chasing Horse’s voice broke as she stood on stage in front of a sea of delegates at the Alaska Federation of Natives 2019 Convention in Fairbanks, Alaska. “We shouldn’t have to tell people in charge that we want to survive. It should be our number-one right. We should not have to fight for this.”


Indigenous Climate Letter delivered at COP25

By Sucena Shkrada Resk, translated from Portuguese. In parallel to the 25th United Nations Climate Talks (COP25), Indigenous leaders and activists gathered for MINGA, an Indigenous Summit, where they co-authored and finalized demands for an Indigenous Climate Letter.  The document is both a warning and a compelling claim on Indigenous rights and nature. In a […]


‘We Fear for Our Children:’ Alaska Natives Speak out in Climate Change Report

By Maddie Stone

For the first time, NOAA’s annual report on the devastating effects of climate change in the Arctic is highlighting the unsettling changes to the lives of the people who live there.


Torres Strait doctors issue call to arms over climate change impact on Indigenous health

Low-lying islands and high rates of chronic disease make population particularly vulnerable, statement says A group of 23 doctors from the Torres Strait and northern Cape York is demanding action to protect remote Indigenous communities from a looming health emergency caused by climate change. In a joint statement, the doctors say they are concerned about […]


How a resurgence in Indigenous governance is leading to better conservation

A new era of Indigenous-led conservation is not only better at protecting wild places but embraces the communities and cultures that have stewarded these lands since time immemorial….


Indigenous Climate Leaders to Celebrate this Thanksgiving

As the Thanksgiving Holiday approaches, we must remember the fact that the US was built on stolen land and Indigenous genocide. These truths live on today. There is no shortage of examples of Native lands being exploited for capitalist profit or violence – often state sanctioned – against Indigenous women. On a holiday usually celebrated […]


Climate policy needs to reflect resilience of northern indigenous communities

Photo: Movilh Chile/Flickr

Indigenous groups in Canada have developed societal structures to cope with climate change without relying on federal policies. We need to learn from them

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How indigenous peoples can help the world meet its climate goals

By Julia Rosen Photo: Greenpeace

The first time Mandy Gull visited Canada’s Broadback Forest, she was struck by the displays of delicate lichen. By the dense, ancient trees. By the moss-covered floor, which rose and fell like a rumpled green blanket.


Union workers and tribal leaders protest Trump’s support of fracking in Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH—On Wednesday afternoon, President Donald Trump spoke in support of fracking at the Shale Insight Convention here, where he praised the industry for creating jobs and giving America “energy independence.”Trump was flanked by industry workers in neon safety vests and hard hats, but some steel union members took to the street…


Climate change is killing thousands of years of indigenous wisdom

Farmers around the world rely on millennia-old wisdom to guide their planting. Scrambled weather and seasons are forcing them into uncharted territory….