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Riverhead Hears Solar Farm Concerns

By Beth Young

The Riverhead Town Board, which is considering a 12-month moratorium on considering solar farm applications after two major projects were proposed in the past year, heard concerns from several residents about the impact the installations are having at its Sept. 1 public hearing on the moratorium.


Grants Issued for Affordable Housing, Transformative Climate Communities, Climate Change Research

By Melanie Curry

Yesterday the California Strategic Growth Council met to discuss and approve a list of staff recommendations for grants in four of its programs that shift the state towards sustainable, healthy, equitable planning and infrastructure.


Southampton Seeks Support for Renewable Power Program

By Beth Young

Southampton Town is seeking support from its residents for a new program called Choice Community Power, which would allow the town to issue a competitive bid to choose renewable energy for its residents, at what the town expects will be a cost savings to residents.


Climate movement moves online during coronavirus pandemic

By Dino Grandoni

With the covid-19 pandemic forcing Americans to stay indoors, the climate movement is moving online.


California Solar

California has the largest solar market in the U.S. and has been a longtime champion of solar because of the many economic and environmental benefits it provides, including $57 billion in investment in the state. Solar supplies nearly 19 percent of California’s electricity today, but it must play a bigger role if the state is to reach climate and energy goals. Despite many successes and new policies, there is still much work to achieve California’s broader goals.


Florida signs off on FPL’s 1.5 GW community solar program, despite lack of competition

By Lulia Gheorghiu

Renewable advocates praised the development, but some groups were disappointed to see the entire 1,490 MW project would be built by the utility. In the U.S., a few green tariff programs have included solar capacity not developed by the utility but bought from a third party, according to Solar Energy Industries Association VP of state affairs Sean Gallagher.


Tesla, PG&E to Build Massive Clean Energy Facility in Monterey County

By Stephen Ellison

Officials in Monterey County on Wednesday gave the green light on a massive clean-energy battery farm project in Moss Landing spearheaded by Tesla and PG&E that officials say would be the largest of its kind in the world, according to a report from KSBW-TV.


PG&E is betting heavily on microgrids. But can it move away from fossil fuels?

By Kavya Balaraman

In December, the utility launched a request for offers for distributed generation during public safety power shut-offs.


The Energy 202: Arizona’s biggest utility, which fought renewables in 2018, now wants to go carbon-free

By Dino Grandoni

Arizona’s biggest electric utility spent millions of dollars in 2018 to defeat a renewable energy ballot initiative. Just two years later, it now says it wants to get all of its power from carbon-free sources.


Revolutionary Solar Energy Breakthrough Could Replace Industrial Fossil Fuels

By CitizenTruth Staff

A Bill Gates’ backed renewable energy project has made a solar energy breakthrough that could lead to replacing the use of fossil fuels in industrial settings.