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How solar power works

By Caitlin Ritchie

Solar energy is quickly becoming a more popular and affordable power source for homeowners and businesses. With residential solar energy, you can lower your carbon footprint and see substantial cost savings.


We Already Have the Key to a Clean Energy Economy. We’re Just Not Using It

Over the past 20 years, the increasing recognition that climate change poses a grave threat to our society has given rise to an entirely new clean energy economy. Almost every ambitious clean energy plan recognizes the importance of innovation in renewable generation, distributed energy resources, energy efficiency and electrification. However, these plans often neglect the role of the distribution grid and miss an opportunity to leverage a tool that has been part of the system almost since its inception: the meter.


Rewiring America

A handbook for winning the climate fight. The COVID-19 pandemic showed the world the dire consequences of ignoring science and its predictions of global crises. But the pandemic was just a rehearsal for the climate disasters humanity will face – unless we act now.


Energy Resources for State, Local, and Tribal Governments

Our updated step-by-step Local Action Framework will help you plan, implement, and evaluate your energy and environmental work.


LIPA board OKs allowing municipalities to procure own energy

LIPA trustees on Wednesday approved a rule change that will bring a level of competition to electricity supply on Long Island by allowing local towns and villages to make wholesale energy purchases through contracts with third-party suppliers.


The key to tackling climate change: electrify everything

Tackling climate change is a complicated undertaking, to say the least. But here’s a good rule of thumb for how to get started: Electrify everything.