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Gas Stoves in the US Emit Methane Equivalent to the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Half a Million Cars

By Phil McKenna Photo: Cezaro De Luca

Natural gas stoves emit far more methane than previously thought, as well as harmful nitrogen oxides in concentrations that can quickly exceed federal safety standards, researchers at Stanford University report.


Gas stoves in kitchens pose a risk to public health and the planet, research finds

By Maxine Joselow Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Gas-burning stoves in kitchens across America may pose a greater risk to the planet and public health than previously thought, new research suggests. The appliances release far more of the potent planet-warming gas methane than the Environmental Protection Agency estimates, Stanford University scientists found in a study published Thursday in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.


After decades, Biden plans to make mobile homes greener, sparking a fierce debate.

By Tik Root Photo: Hilary Swift

At Factory Direct Homes here in central Vermont, Tony Flanders stepped through the front door of a gray double-wide mobile home and pointed at the living room window to his left.


Beware of the Red List – Top Materials to Avoid in Your Home

By Gemma Alexander

“The Red List” might sound like something from the Cold War. But the Red List has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with chemistry. The Red List is actually a list of “worst in class” materials, chemicals, and elements the green building industry tries to avoid. And even if you are not a construction professional, knowing about these materials and which products are made from them can help you make your home and your home improvement projects safer and more sustainable.


Roofing giant takes on Tesla to make solar roof shingles more affordable

By Katie Brigham Photo: GAF Energy

When Elon Musk unveiled the Tesla Solar Roof in 2016, it was the first that many people had heard of solar shingles. But the idea of a roofing product that can both generate energy and blend in with regular asphalt shingles has been around for decades.


These homes are off-grid and climate resilient. They’re also built out of trash.

By Nick Aspinwall Photo: Ramsay De Give , Washington Post

Mike Reynolds never worried too much as the world inched closer to doomsday. In the spring of 2020, motorists lined up in their cars outside grocery stores waiting for food as the coronavirus pandemic first wrapped its tentacles around the global supply chain.


How We Fully Electrified Our Very Old House

This year, we did the best upgrade ever. We ripped out the fossil fuel innards of our house and put in a high tech, fully-electrified heat pump system.


In Amsterdam, a community of floating homes shows the world how to live alongside nature

By Shira Rubin Photo: Ilvy Njiokiktjien

Marjan de Blok readjusts her body weight as she treads across the jetties linking a floating community on the River IJ. Her cheeks and nose are elfin red from the whipping winds. She shouts greetings to many of her neighbors, her voice carried by the water all around.


Study Claims Living Walls Can Reduce Heat Loss in Buildings by Over 30%

By Lloyd Alter Photo: Lloyd Alter

Living walls were all the rage a decade ago—we showed dozens of them. I was skeptical about their value, noting that “living walls are expensive to buy and expensive to maintain because plants tend to want to live in the ground.” vines.


There’s Lots to Learn From How They Build in Montreal

By Lloyd Alter Photo: Maxime Brouillet , V2com

We have written previously that we don’t all have to live in high rises to get dense cities; we should just learn from Montreal. Everybody loves the “plex” housing type that is a great demonstration of “missing middle” housing.