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Marshall firestorm shows Colorado suburbs now vulnerable as climate warms, “hardening” needed, experts say

By Bruce Finley Photo: Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post

The higher temperatures drying the West had created such deadly conditions this winter that Colorado authorities were on alert, seven weeks before the Marshall firestorm, as multiple fast-moving grassfires broke out in Front Range cities.


Xcel’s Power Pathway leaves its mark on rural Colorado

By Rachel Gabel Photo: Jean Meinzer

The point where the corners of Colorado’s Lincoln, El Paso, Crowley and Pueblo counties meet were marked by a small bronze plaque, but the plaque is missing, a trophy of sorts, presumably pocketed by an antelope hunter. The area, which is part of the Meinzer family’s Four Corners Ranch is big country, marked by large pastures, little rainfall, and views of Pikes Peak, Spanish Peaks and the Sangre de Cristo range.


Biden calls Colorado’s most destructive wildfire ‘code red’ climate warning

By Jeff Mason Photo: Reuters/Tom Brenner

U.S. President Joe Biden, visiting the scene of Colorado’s most destructive wildfire on record, said on Friday the rare winter blaze marked the latest “code red” reminder of an ominously changing climate he hopes to confront with his renewable energy agenda.


What we know — and don’t — about the Marshall Fire

By Alayna Alvarez Photo: Marc Piscotty , Getty Images

What we know: Despite early reports that no one was missing in the fire, a man from Marshall and a woman from Superior are now reported as missing and presumed dead, emergency officials said Sunday. A third man who was initially unaccounted for was found “alive and well.”


1 big thing: Wildfire hits tight-knit climate science community

By Ben German and Andrew Freedman Photo: RJ Sangosti , Getty Images

The wind-whipped firestorm that tore through parts of Boulder County, Colorado, on Thursday struck at the heart of one of America’s top climate science and meteorology research hubs, Andrew writes.


‘Total devastation’ after wildfire charges through Colorado towns

By Ari Schneider, Jennifer Oldham, Marisa Iati and Emmanuel Felton Photo: Brittany Peterson/AP

More than 500 families may enter a new year having lost their homes after runaway grass fires bore down on the region northwest of Denver on Thursday, but others were returning to their neighborhoods Friday and no deaths had been reported.


In Colorado, electric cars are mostly for rich people. Could federal and state policy change that?

By Sam Brasch Photo: Sam Brasch/CPR News

The sun was setting when Shere Walker drove her 2014 Nissan hatchback to pick up her daughter from an after-school program in Jefferson County. The stop was her final destination before a crosstown trip to their home in Aurora. In total, Walker, a school administrator and community activist with the Black Parents United Foundation, logs between 60 to 70 miles a day in the red subcompact.


Dire climate change scenarios for Colorado’s High Country ‘untethered from the real world’

By Jake Fogleman

Local governments in Colorado’s High Country have spent thousands of dollars in taxpayer money on climate studies pushing questionable emissions scenarios.

The studies—conducted by Rocky Mountain Climate Organization (RMCO) on behalf of Summit and Eagle Counties and the towns of Frisco and Breckenridge—project a future of extreme heat that threatens to disrupt quality of life in the mountain communities if no action is taken to mitigate climate change.


Rising temperatures, extreme drought and giant wildfires batter Colorado ski industry

By Vicky Collins Photo: Jason Connolly / AFP - Getty Images

During the annual Christmas tree-lighting ceremony at Breckenridge Ski Resort in early December, thousands of people crowded onto Main Street under a bluebird sky.


Renewable energy is reducing Colorado Springs’ carbon footprint

By Heidi Beedle Photo: Heidi Beedle

The Manitou Springs Water Treatment Plant, in partnership with the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority, announced they have finished installation of an in-pipe hydropower system, which is a small step toward Colorado Springs Utilities’ goal of an 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.