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With 17,000 Companies Worth $21 Trillion Failing To Report Environmental Impact, It’s Time To Connect Commitment To Action

By Felicia Jackson Photo: Getty Images
The latest research shows that a record 13,000+ companies reported environmental data through CDP in 2021. Only 2%, or 200 companies, gained an A grade and nearly 17,000 worth $21 trillion are still failing to…

Amazon procures over 1 GW of U.S. solar projects

By Tim Sylvia Photo: Elliot Brown , Wikimedia Commons
Alongside Amazon’s update that the company has now invested in 274 utility-scale renewable energy projects globally, the company also announced 18 new projects that it has procured in the United States and Europe, including eight…

As More Companies Make Net-Zero Pledges, Some Aren’t as Good as They Sound

By Eloise Barry Photo: WIktor Szymanowicz—NurPhoto/Getty Images
At COP26, the U.N. climate summit in Glasgow, governments and businesses put forward ambitious-sounding plans to de-carbonize. But a closer look beneath the surface shows many corporate “net-zero” plans are not nearly as good as…

Bill Gates’s latest big climate investment is . . . milk

By Adele Peters Photo: Neutral
On the front of a carton of milk from the Portland, Oregon-based brand Neutral, above the brand name, the package has a short message in large print: “This milk fights climate change.” On its website,…

Supply chain woes continue to crimp Tesla’s vehicle, energy business

By Jason Plautz Photo: Xiaolu Chu via Getty Images
Tesla's Q3 energy storage deployments jumped 71% to 1.3 million MWh from the year-ago period, bolstered by sales of the utility-scale Megapack product, according to the company's third quarter earnings report. Storage deployments inched up 1.6%…

Harpercollins publishers commits to becoming carbon neutral in direct emissions in 2022

By Erin Crum
HarperCollins Publishers today announced a global commitment to becoming carbon neutral for its direct operational emissions in 2022. In order to meet this goal, HarperCollins has appointed award-winning sustainability strategy consultancy Brite Green to develop…

Amazon’s new net-zero carbon pledge is focused on the oceans, as shipping giants pursue alternative fuels

By Alicia Doniger Photo: Lucy Nicholson | Reuters
Amazon and IKEA are among the major companies pushing the ocean shipping industry to adopt zero-carbon fuel sources for vessels by 2040. Marine shipping accounts for 1 billion tons of carbon emissions per year, according…

Amazon, Ikea and other big companies commit to zero-emission shipping by 2040

By Hamza Shaban Photo: Seth Wenig/AP
In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in global trade, a coalition of companies that includes Amazon and Ikea has pledged to use only ocean shippers that use zero-carbon fuel by 2040.

Facebook Moves to Stop Illegal Sale of Amazon Rainforest on Marketplace

By Matt Alderton Photo: Ildo Frazao / Getty Images
From designer baby clothes and classic cars to antique furniture and name-brand electronics, you can find treasures and bargains galore on Facebook Marketplace, the online bazaar where Facebook users sell new and used goods to…

Are Tesla and Texas a Perfect Match? It’s Questionable.

By Niraj Chokshi, Clifford Krauss and Ivan Penn Photo: Matthew Busch for The New York Times
Tesla’s move from Silicon Valley to Texas makes sense in many ways: The company’s chief executive, Elon Musk, and the conservative lawmakers who run the state share a libertarian philosophy, favoring few regulations and low…