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Subpopulation of Greenland Polar Bears Found by NASA-Funded Study

In Brief:

As global warming melts away Arctic sea ice, polar bears are scrambling to find ice on which to hunt. But Greenland’s fjords harbor a small but unique group of polar bears that rely on…


SMASHing New Maps of Hailstorms

In Brief:

Severe storms are becoming more intense due to global warming, and hailstorms, a type of severe storm, can be more damaging than hurricanes. A NASA project is creating better ways to predict these…


NASA’s ECOSTRESS Sees Las Vegas Streets Turn Up the Heat

In Brief:

An instrument on the space station documented how built and natural surfaces responded to record heat in Las Vegas.

On June 10, Las Vegas reached a record daily high temperature of 109 degrees Fahrenheit…


NASA, FEMA Release Comprehensive Climate Action Guide

NASA and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have released a guide that provides resources for adapting to and mitigating impacts of climate change. The guide, Building Alliances for Climate Action, includes various perspectives, stories,…


A Force of Nature: Hurricanes in a Changing Climate

In Brief:

Due to global warming, global climate models predict hurricanes will likely cause more intense rainfall and have an increased coastal flood risk due to higher storm surge caused by rising seas. Additionally, the global…


5 Things to Know About NASA’s New Mineral Dust Detector

In Brief:

Called EMIT, the Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation will analyze dust carried through the atmosphere from dry regions to see what effects it has on the planet.

Each year, strong winds carry more…


NASA’s Cynthia Rosenzweig Receives 2022 World Food Prize

In Brief:

A NASA climate researcher has received the 2022 World Food Prize, comparable to a Nobel Prize for food and agriculture.

Cynthia Rosenzweig, a senior research scientist and head of the Climate Impacts Group at…


NASA’s ECOSTRESS Detects ‘Heat Islands’ in Extreme Indian Heat Wave

In Brief:

The instrument aboard the space station documents blistering temperatures in urban areas around Delhi during the historic heat wave on the Indian subcontinent.

A relentless heat wave has blanketed India and Pakistan since mid-March,…


International Satellite to Track Impacts of Small Ocean Currents

In Brief:

The Surface Water and Ocean Topography mission will explore how the ocean absorbs atmospheric heat and carbon, moderating global temperatures and climate change.

Though climate change is driving sea level rise over time, researchers…


Climate Change Threatens $2 Trillion ‘Blue Economy’

Earth observations like those from NASA satellites are critical to understanding the threats of climate change to Earth’s ocean, according to a recent article in Oceanography led by the Ecological Forecasting program area. The article,…