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NASA Announces New Chief Scientist, Senior Climate Advisor

Dr. Katherine Calvin, NASA chief scientist and senior climate advisor. Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls NASA Administrator Bill Nelson announced that Dr. Katherine Calvin will serve the agency in dual roles as chief scientist and senior climate…

NASA to Launch 4 Earth Science Missions in 2022

In Brief: The missions, including two led by the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will help monitor our changing planet. Scientists will discuss them at the American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting. NASA will launch four Earth…

NASA-supported Study Confirms Importance of Southern Ocean in Absorbing Carbon Dioxide

In Brief: Research shows the Southern Ocean (the continuous body of salt water around Antarctica) absorbs much more carbon from the atmosphere than it releases. The findings confirm this ocean's role as a strong carbon…

NASA to Highlight New Science Findings, Missions During AGU Meeting

NASA researchers and colleagues from around the world will present the latest findings on a range of Earth and space science topics at the annual American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting, being held virtually and in…

Reducing Emissions to Lessen Climate Change Would Yield Dramatic Health Benefits by 2030

In Brief: Air quality improvements resulting from a worldwide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions would benefit human health and prevent economic losses, according to new research by scientists from NASA, Duke University, and Columbia University.…

One Year From Launch: US-European Satellite to Track World’s Water

In Brief: The Surface Water and Ocean Topography spacecraft enters the home stretch as an international team prepares this next-generation satellite for launch in 2022. An international team of engineers and technicians has finished assembling…

Tracking Water in the Face of Drought

Farmers, ranchers, and community resource managers know all too well that climate change can contribute to increased drought in the western United States. A new web-based platform called OpenET puts NASA data on water in…

NASA’s Eyes on the Earth Puts the World at Your Fingertips

In Brief: The 3D real-time visualization tool lets users track NASA satellites as well as the vital Earth science data they provide. Recent upgrades make for an even more fascinating experience. NASA’s real-time 3D visualization…

Emission Reductions From Pandemic Had Unexpected Effects on Atmosphere

In Brief: Earth’s atmosphere reacted in surprising ways to the lowering of emissions during the pandemic, showing how closely climate warming and air pollution are linked. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting limitations on travel and…

NASA Selects New Mission to Study Storms, Impacts on Climate Models

In Brief: Called INCUS, it aims to directly address why convective storms, heavy precipitation, and clouds occur exactly when and where they form. NASA has selected a new Earth science mission that will study the…