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Common Solutions for Rare Earths?

Don’t assume that future extraction of vital minerals and “rare” earths will utilize the same processes that have been used historically. Huge incentives now to work on this challenge. Just a few ideas here. Rice University:…


Clean Energy Jobs Could Be Political Game Changer

Above, a pre-election report from Deutsche Welle (Germany) on renewable energy’s penetration in Red West Virginia. Bloomberg Energy: In poking around on this topic, came across this interesting 4 year old video from OAN news, reporting…


More With Less: Climate and Clean Energy Require Rethinking Rivers

Laurence Smith PhD in the New York Times: Last month, record low water levels in the Mississippi River backed up nearly 3,000 barges — the equivalent of 210,000 container trucks — on America’s most important inland…


Warming Climate Awakening Ancient Microbes from Frozen Sleep

On ancient microbes thawing from frozen sleep, there’s good news and bad news. New Scientist: As climate change progresses, doomsday reports from around the world have proliferated. One alarming claim is that a virus or strain of bacteria will emerge…


E-Pizza: Dominos Pizza Will Have EV Delivery Fleet

Always dedicated to doing research, I saw the ad above while watching my Michigan Wolverines totally dominate the Ohio State Buckeyes. Underlining the advantages that EVs hold for fleet owners. In August, Hertz Car Rental management…


Herschel’s Hot Rod: MAGA Missing the Point on EVs

Yahoo News: All this new job creation involves one specific product: Electric vehicles or EVs. The Hyundai Metaplant will build EVs exclusively, as will another facility planned for Georgia along Interstate 20, that one for Rivian….