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Artists organize to offer new visions for tackling climate change

Recently, the Pew Research Center found that over 66 per cent of Canadians are not only concerned about the climate crisis, but willing to alter how they live to help fight it. …


Do airline offset programs really reduce your carbon footprint?

Carbon credits could eventually play an important role in fighting climate change, but right now a few dollars’ worth won’t change much. …


Advocates say Duke Energy’s North Carolina climate plan relies too heavily on fossil fuels

Duke Energy’s plan to meet North Carolina’s climate law is met with skepticism; state regulators will have the final say.
Advocates say Duke Energy’s North Carolina climate plan relies too heavily on fossil fuels is an…


Cutting Air Pollutants Could Save More Than 50,000 U.S. Lives Each Year, Study Says

About 53,200 premature deaths could be avoided in the U.S. each year if the fine particulate air pollution emissions produced by transportation, industrial activities, the generation of electricity, cooking and heating were eliminated, according to…


Cheers! This Vodka Helps Fight Climate Change

Is it possible to drink away the climate crisis? Air Company is attempting to find out. The company has developed a way to transform carbon dioxide into impurity-free alcohols, including vodka. 
The post Cheers! This Vodka…


Scientist Katharine Hayhoe on running toward the climate crisis solution, connecting with hard-to-reach audiences

Katharine Hayhoe won’t say that the climate crisis is insurmountable, but she will say that solving it depends on convincing people it’s a problem that affects them. …


In US, states struggle to replace fossil fuel tax revenue

A budget flush with petroleum cash has a side effect: It also puts the spotlight on how difficult it is to turn state rhetoric on tackling climate change into reality. …


Unusually high temperatures to hit western Europe this week

Although nowhere near as extreme as in India and Pakistan, anomalous warmth will be affecting large portions of western Europe in the first significant heat of spring. …


County Council to hold hearing on proposed fracking ban in parks

The bill in discussion would prohibit “the leasing, sale and/or any other agreements that would permit or otherwise facilitate private and/or public entities engaging in any industrial or commercial land uses within Allegheny County’s parks.”…