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Silicon Valley leaders rejoice as EPA says it will review leaded plane fuel

Santa Clara County officials and advocates are happy the federal government is reassessing the use of leaded aviation gasoline nationwide.

Court upholds six-figure fine against ‘Diesel Brothers’ for ‘rolling coal’

David “Heavy D” Sparks and his associates at Sparks Motors LLC illegally sold or retrofitted at least 31 diesel trucks with equipment that disabled required emission control systems, according to the group’s suit.

They knew industrial pollution was ruining the neighborhood’s air. If only regulators had listened

Raw throats, burning eyes, strong acid smells. Air monitoring that showed chemicals linked to leukemia. Barbara Weckesser and her neighbors told regulators that air pollution was making them sick. The law let them ignore her.

The Affairs of States: In the Greening of America

The environmental problems we face are deep-rooted and widespread. They can be solved only by a na-tional effort embracing sound, coordinated planning and effective follow-through that reaches into every community in the land. Improving our…

On environmental protection, Biden’s election will mean a 180-degree turn from Trump policies

By Janet McCabe Photo: Michael Quinn, NPS/Flickr, CC BY
The Trump administration has used executive orders, deregulation and delays to reduce environmental regulation. Biden administration officials will use many of the same tools to undo their work.

National Environmental Policy Act Revisions—Another Case of Botch-ilism

The tasks that need doing require money, resolve, and ingenuity--and they are too big to be done by government alone. They call for fundamentally new philosophies of land, air and water use, for stricter regulation,…

PA attorney general joins 15 other asking court to require EPA to set methane pollution standards

Attorney General Josh Shapiro joined 15 other states, cities and the Environmental Defense Fund in filing a motion in federal court to require the U.S. EPA to set methane pollution standards for existing oil and…

Federal government backs oil companies fighting NYC climate suit

By Karen Savage Getty Images
The Trump administration is supporting the five oil companies being sued by New York City to pay for damages related to climate change, filing a friend-of-the-court brief asking the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to…