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Our Food and Farming Book Picks for Summer 2022

Books We Read Blue New Deal: Why We Need a New Politics for the Ocean By Chris Armstrong Political theorist Chris Armstrong doesn’t expect all his readers to sign onto the brilliant, deeply-researched vision of…


Will Climate Change Help Hybrid Grapes Take Root in the US Wine Industry?

“I’m the one spraying these things, [so] I just would rather not use things that are highly toxic,” Casscles says. “Or, if I am, I’d rather use them three times a year rather than 12.”…


The Field Report: Are Expiring School Meal Waivers a Looming Catastrophe?

Since March 2020, despite unprecedented labor and financial constraints, school nutrition directors have largely been able to adapt their meal programs to meet the ongoing pandemic-driven challenges of getting healthy meals to the nearly 30…


The US is a Dumping Ground for Illegal Seafood. Some Lawmakers Want to Clean Up the Market

Editor’s note: A version of this article appeared last month in The Deep Dish, our members-only monthly newsletter. Become a member today to get early and exclusive access to our in-depth reporting on food and…


Indigenous Agroforestry Dying of Thirst Amid a Sea of Avocados in Mexico

Angahuan, a town of 6,000 inhabitants in the Mexican state of Michoacán, has several generations of Indigenous P’urhépecha women practicing traditional medicine. Juana and Cuchita are part of this group of a dozen curanderas, healers known…


California’s Sheepherders at the Center of an Overtime Battle

This next time around, however, he could make a lot more money. On January 1, 2022, California’s agricultural worker overtime pay rules went into effect for sheepherders employed by operations with 25 or fewer employees….


Will California’s New Groundwater Rules Hurt Small-Scale Farms and Farmers of Color?

Main wasn’t totally surprised, though. Over the last 10 years, she’s watched new almond and grape orchards cover thousands of surrounding acres and she has seen hundreds of new wells put in to extract the…


A Growing Movement to Reclaim Water Rights for Indigenous People

Between Arizona and New Mexico alone, 43 federally recognized tribes call the desert landscape home. However, their ways of life have been challenged by centuries of colonization and resource exploitation, resulting in large cities siphoning…


The Field Report: Tom Vilsack on How the USDA Can Transform the Food System

“A transformed food system is part of how we as a country become more resilient in the face of these big challenges and threats,” he said, as he outlined the key components of the U.S….


Inside the Effort to Unionize Square Roots, Kimbal Musk’s Vertical Farming Company

This is the Brooklyn operation of Square Roots, a venture capital-backed vertical farming company founded by Kimbal Musk—a techno-optimist like his older brother, Tesla CEO Elon Musk—who has aimed for optimal growing conditions in the…