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Biogas Expansion May Compound Worker Risks

But in June 2021, Baenziger lost his life on a diving job much closer to his Illinois home—in a sweltering, asphyxiating stew of manure on an Iowa family cattle farm. He was trying to fix a…


‘I Was Coughing So Hard I Would Throw Up’

The smell of their excrement was often overwhelming. Fecal dust and ammonia—a hazardous gas produced from decomposing manure—burned her eyes and made them water. The dust and gas set her throat on fire, making it difficult…


Animal Agriculture Is Dangerous Work. The People Who Do It Have Few Protections.

The owner of the farm, an older white man, pulled the bull off. He led Andrade to a chair outside the milking parlor and told him to sit; he’d take him to the hospital once he…


How a St. Louis Spice Drive Offers Refugees a Taste of Home

The 30-year-old says these spices help him feel connected to his roots whenever he makes traditional Afghan food, including stews, rice, kabab, dumplings called Mantu and Ashak, or Bolani, a vegetable-stuffed flatbread. But spices are expensive,…


Urban Farms Are Stepping Up Their Roles in Communities Nationwide

This, Villanueva said, is why they do this work, because people should not have to feel embarrassed when they need food. Their farm, Fountain Heights Farms, has become an oasis that feeds not only Gooden and…


Disabled Activists Are Building a More Inclusive Food Justice Future

So when she encountered changes to her mobility, Wilson says, “I had to find a different way to function in my garden. . . . Giving it up wasn’t an option for me, because it was…


New Evidence Shows Pesticides Contain PFAS, and the Scale of Contamination is Unknown

At the most recent event last February, Ed Messina, director of the Office of Pesticide Programs at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), spoke to the virtual crowd. After running through at least a dozen other topics,…


With New Federal Funding, Has Agroforestry’s Moment Arrived?

“There is a windfall of federal money entering the agroforestry sector,” Meghan Giroux told Mongabay. The director of Vermont-based agroforestry consultancy Interlace Commons, she is currently implementing a program to boost regional training capacity toward helping farms…


Year-Round Farming in Massachusetts? How the State Is Investing in Solutions.

The ability to cram urban permaculture farms into improbable spots and transform these forgotten spaces into vibrant, welcoming, community education and food distribution centers is the genius of Eastie Farm, which Civil Eats first covered in…


Can a Court Compel the EPA to Protect Communities of Color From CAFO Pollution?

With more than 500 concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) housing millions of pigs, Duplin County is known as the “hog capital of the world.” And its residents are paying the price: Hall hasn’t gone fishing in…