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Is civil disobedience the only way to solve climate change?

NASA climate scientist Peter Kalmus was arrested for chaining himself to a Chase Bank in Los Angeles. He thinks more people need to engage in climate disobedience, too. …


Dozens arrested as scientists worldwide mobilize to demand ‘climate revolution’

“If everyone could see what I see coming,” said one scientist, “society would switch into climate emergency mode and end fossil fuels in just a few years.” …


Interest in civil disobedience has reached a mini climate tipping point

As each hellish new natural disaster is matched by an equally hellish political stalemate on climate legislation, a growing segment of the American population is thinking: What can I personally do to get some climate…


Jane Fonda: The Climate Emergency Is a Political Emergency

By Jane Fonda Photo: Jose Luis Magana/AP

We must start to live our lives as if this is an emergency, because it is. Each of us one day will have to answer this question: What did I do to protect the planet for our children, grandchildren and so many precious species while we still had time?


Diane Lane, Amber Valletta, and Piper Perabo arrested at D.C. climate protest

By Marcus Jones Photo: Pixabay

This week’s demonstration focused on climate change’s threat to fresh water, with Fonda delivering a speech to the crowd that said, “At Standing Rock I heard the words ‘Water is life.’


Jane Fonda cheers on as TV daughter June Diane Raphael, CSI’s Marg Helgenberger arrested at D.C. protest

By Marcus Jones

The actress and activist’s TV daughters, June Diane Raphael and Brooklyn Decker, from Grace and Frankie joined Fonda at the demonstration, calling for the end of fossil fuel exploration and extraction, as well as taxpayer subsidies to oil companies, given the negative effects they have on low-income communities and communities of color.


Jane Fonda Promises Her Red Coat is the Last Piece of Clothing She’ll Ever Buy Again

By Brooke Marine Photo: John Lamparski

Putting the words “celebrity” and “activist” next to one another makes for a fraught description of some members of Hollywood’s A-list, but for decades, Jane Fonda has been one of the rare celebrities to accurately represent the term.