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Solving a problem like nutria

In 1938, government officials on the Eastern Shore introduced nutria—buck-toothed, rat-tailed aquatic mammals—into the marshes. They thought the animals would help fur trappers. Instead, they destroyed marsh plants that are crucial habitat for waterfowl and…

Black on the Bay, then and now

Black Marylanders have always been integral to the Chesapeake Bay community, despite discriminatory laws that tried to hold them back. In this issue, we examine that history in seafood entrepreneurship, sailmaking, aquaculture, oystering, and captaining…

Land use tied to ‘intersex’ smallmouth bass in Bay rivers

Scientists are still trying to sort out exactly what's causing sexual abnormalities among smallmouth bass in Chesapeake Bay rivers, but they may be getting closer to figuring out how to reduce them.

Small Donations Aiming to Make a Big Splash

Environmental issues may seem too big to tackle, but some smaller foundations have figured out ways to have an impact.

In Annapolis, the tide has come in or out 540,000 times, but now it’s worrisome

By Ashley Halsey III Photo by Marvin Joseph/Washington Post
When a city has been sitting by the Chesapeake Bay for 370 years, the tide has rolled in or out again more than 540,000 times, but only lately has it been the cause of much…