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Biden’s FERC nominee could pave the way for the administration’s massive clean energy agenda

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has a lot of decisions to weigh over the coming years that could make an enormous difference in U.S. efforts to fight climate change, with impacts ranging from the development of policy around electricity transmission and natural gas to how renewable and distributed energy resources are integrated into the country’s […]


Illinois’ landmark 100% clean energy bill is headed toward passage

Illinois lawmakers on Thursday narrowly passed a long-awaited clean energy bill that would set a 2050 deadline for decarbonizing the state’s electricity generation, rescue a renewable energy program that’s run out of money and provide nearly $700 million to prevent the looming closure of the nuclear power plants that now supply the majority of the […]


Newsletter: How clean is your ride?

I like to keep track of the most common questions I get from folks who don't live and breathe clean energy every day. Energy wonks ask things like, "H0w bullish are you on V2G?" Normal people often question the underlying cleanliness of clean energy, as in: "Don't the materials used to build solar panels actually […]


Newsletter: Tom Steyer launches new investment fund with a focus on climate justice

The world needs to spend trillions of dollars to decarbonize over the coming decades. And that money needs to be spent in ways that help the people who’ve suffered the worst environmental harms from industrial capitalism — and who stand to suffer the most from climate change. For investors Tom Steyer and Katie Hall, founders […]


Time shift: How to make EV charging as clean as possible

Vic Shao, CEO of Amply, sees a couple of different ways that his company can help transit agencies and commercial fleet operators charge their electric vehicles with the lowest-carbon electricity possible. One is to buy enough renewable energy credits to supply 100 percent carbon-free power on an annual basis, as Amply now offers its California […]


Newsletter: Cash for clunkers, coal edition

Shutting down coal power plants is one of the most crucial tasks in the fight against climate change, and the financial industry is taking it more seriously than ever. Profit motives arguably should play more of a role in coal plant operations — 93 percent of coal plants worldwide are protected from market competition, allowing […]


How blockchain could help integrate rooftop solar and EVs into the grid

Jesse Morris, CEO of the Energy Web Foundation, believes that blockchain could increase the value of distributed solar, batteries and grid-responsive appliances and electric vehicles around the world. To prove that point, he's starting with a novel test in Australia. It’s called Project Energy Demand and Generation Exchange, or Project Edge. Over the next year […]


Political Climate: Crunchtime for Congress on climate and energy

The U.S. political climate has changed a lot in 2021, especially when it comes to climate and energy issues on Capitol Hill. The Political Climate podcast has changed too. Rather than debating macro-level politics, we’re focused on analyzing concrete proposals, policy choices and getting at the “how” of achieving our shared climate goals. Unlike in […]


Newsletter: New Orleans leaders put off building microgrids, and now the people are paying the price

I used to jump at the chance to report on new business models for microgrids — breakthroughs that promised local, resilient energy for any community that wanted it. Years later, that breakthrough still hasn’t arrived. And people are suffering because of that. It’s hard to imagine a clearer example than Hurricane Ida’s collision with New […]


Hurricane-driven blackouts in New Orleans send a dire warning about the need for distributed energy

Back in 2016, New Orleans–based nonprofit Alliance for Affordable Energy proposed a radical alternative to Entergy New Orleans’ plan to build a new natural-gas-fired power plant: build clean electricity resilience from the ground up instead. Entergy New Orleans, the investor-owned utility serving the region, wanted to construct a 128-megawatt natural-gas plant to support the city […]