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California declares historic water emergency measures amid drought

By Kasha Patel and Jason Samenow Photo: Nathan Howard , AP

The historically severe drought in Southern California has compelled one of its water suppliers to implement “emergency” conservation measures for the first time that will affect about 6 million people.


LA ranks No. 1 in ozone pollution, new report finds

By Jaysha Patel

1 in ozone pollution, new report finds. The report conducted by the American Lung Association found that the greater Los Angeles area had the worst ozone pollution out of more than 200 areas


San Jose, California mayor again pushes for energy independence with support of Google microgrid

By Elisa Wood Photo: achinthamb , Shutterstock

“We need dependable, resilient, reliable power, and microgrids are clearly a pathway to doing so for many communities,” Liccardo said during the April 19 city council meeting.


Group plans microgrid-based hydrogen highway in California

By Lisa Cohn

For example, Gov. Kathy Hochul wants New York to become a green hydrogen hub and wants fuel cell microgrids — which use green hydrogen — to help it achieve this goal.


California Oil and Gas Industry Leans on Political Heavyweights to Drill Wells

By Aaron Cantu Photo: Jerry Moorman

The California Geologic Energy Management Division so far has approved 89 in March and April, compared to 67 the first two months of the year and 35 the last three months of 2021 (most in October). Excluding new wells approved for water disposal — a form of underground injection that oil companies use to dispose of wastewater produced during oil and gas drilling — the rate of new well approvals rose 500% from January and February to March and April.


California Reveals Its Plan to Phase Out New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035

By Lisa Friedman Photo: Justin Sullivan , Getty Images

California on Wednesday made public an aggressive plan to mandate a steady increase in the sale of electric and zero-emissions vehicles, the first step in enacting a first-in-the-nation goal of banning new gasoline-powered cars by 2035.


California’s driest start to the year sparks water, wildfire concerns

By Andrew Freedman

California is entering the dry season with its water resources in a precarious position, having seen its driest start to the year on record. A heat wave last week sent temperatures soaring into the 90s and even triple-digits in some locations, as the paltry Sierra Nevada snowpack shrunk even further.


California injects $40M into heat pump water heater effort amid broader push to decarbonize buildings

By Kavya Balaraman Photo: Justin Sullivan , Getty Images

California energy regulators Thursday approved an additional $40 million in funding from the 2023 gas cap-and-trade allowance auction to promote heat pump water heaters, on top of a previously authorized $44.7 million.


Snowpack Report Underscores Need for Transformative Changes to Address Record-Setting California Drought

By Heather Cooley, Dr. Peter Gleick and Others

The severe California drought is continuing for a third year, and there will be major consequences for ecosystems, agriculture, and urban and rural water users across California.


California lawmakers want to build more clean energy — and faster

By Sammy Roth Photo: Gina Ferazzi , Los Angeles Times

Remember last month, when I foolishly tasked myself with summarizing all the climate- and environment-related bills that had been introduced in the California Legislature this year, only to grossly underestimate how much legislation I would find?