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As California’s wells dry up, residents rely on bottled water to survive

By Joshua Partlow Photo: Matt McClain, The Washington Post

Wes Harmon’s ringtone sounds like a steam whistle, and it goes off in the cab of his Ford Super Duty at such regularity and volume it practically shudders the rooster-in-a-hula-skirt affixed to his dash.


California Regulators Propose Cutting Compensation for Rooftop Solar

It’s the second attempt by the state Public Utilities Commission to change how people are paid for the excess energy their solar panels send to the grid….


New California rooftop-solar plan drops ​‘solar tax,’ but fears remain

By Jeff St. John Photo: Ann Johansson, Getty Images

California regulators want to promote equity and boost batteries to shore up the grid. Critics on both sides say the latest net-metering plan misses the mark.


California pushes a new plan to cut rooftop solar incentives

By Sammy Roth Photo: Mel Melcon, Los Angeles Times

California is poised to reduce payments to homes and businesses that go solar for clean electricity they supply to the power grid — a landmark shift in how the state promotes a crucial technology for fighting climate change.


Building with nature: Can reviving a marsh save this California town from sea level rise?

By Rosanna Xia Photo: Paul Kuroda, Los Angeles Times

Standing on the edge of a repurposed marina, at the end of a long wooden walkway that harked back to more prosperous times, Brenda Buxton took in the disorienting landscape.


BLM Announces Completion of Crimson Solar Energy Storage Project

A fund managed by Axium Infrastructure US Inc. owns 80% of the project and Recurrent Energy, the project developer, retains 20% ownership. CSI Energy Storage was the turnkey system integrator of the project, delivering the engineering, procurement and construction (“EPC”) services and will provide long-term operational services for the project.


Californians Who Fortify Their Homes Against Wildfires Will Now Pay Less for Insurance

By Lauren Leffer Photo: Noah Berger, AP

California homeowners might soon see some reprieve in skyrocketing property insurance rates. That is, if they take steps to wildfire-proof their houses. The West Coast state is the first in the country to require insurance companies to lower premiums when and where customers enact suggested wildfire safety and mitigation tactics.


Oakland tests electric transit buses for resilience in vehicle-to-building pilot

By Robert Walton

The city of Oakland, California, will be the site of a vehicle-to-building pilot analyzing how zero-emission transit buses can maintain critical loads during emergency conditions, project participants announced Tuesday.


Climate Law’s Labor Bonuses Could Clear California Obstacle to Clean Energy

By Aaron Cantu Photo: Andreas Schlegel

Labor-friendly provisions in the federal Inflation Reduction Act could help boost California’s transition away from fossil fuels by appealing to a persistent stumbling block: unions representing fossil fuel workers.


Proposition 30 has voters deciding on a tax for zero-emission vehicles. What you need to know

By Russ Mitchell Photo: David Butow, Times

On its face, Proposition 30 is simple enough: Raise taxes on the richest Californians. Pull in $30 billion to $90 billion over the next 20 years. Use 80% of the money to subsidize electric vehicles and charging stations, and 20% for wildfire suppression and prevention.