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Schwarzenegger: We Put Solar Panels on 1 Million Roofs in California. That Win Is Now Under Threat.

By Arnold Schwarzenegger Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters
California has more rooftops with solar panels than any other state and continues to be a leader in new installations. But a proposal from the state’s public utility commission threatens that progress.

Gov. Newsom speaks on budget proposal plan to combat homelessness

By KCRA Staff
Gov. Gavin Newsom was in San Diego County Wednesday to speak more about a plan to combat homelessness that he first announced in Monday’s budget proposal. The plan primarily focuses on quickly rehousing those experiencing…

Elon Musk Appeals to Gavin Newsom Over California’s ‘Bizarre Anti-Environment’ Solar Tax

By Brendan Cole Photo: Getty Images
Elon Musk has attacked a draft plan under consideration in California that critics say disincentivizes the use of rooftop solar panels.

California’s drought reckoning could offer lessons for the West

By Matt Vasilogambros
The golden hills of California have turned green in recent weeks after a series of storms delivered much-needed rain and snow to a state suffering from two years of drought.

The Impact of Climate Change on California’s Wildfires

By Lauren Le
Wildfires have recently become an increasingly concerning environmental issue in California as the summers become hotter and the fires burn longer, leading to lasting consequences on the environment and ecosystem.

California is about to stumble in the climate fight

By Wendy Wendlandt
Until recently, when it came to fighting climate change, my home state of California was the undisputed leader among the states.

The Western megadrought is revealing America’s ‘lost national park’

By Nathan Rott Photo: Claire Harbage , NPR
On a turquoise lake in a sandstone desert, Ross Dombrowski is trying to figure out what to do about the rock growing behind his houseboat. The rock, spectacular and rust red, like most in southern…

Dixie Fire caused by PG&E, Cal Fire says. Fire was second largest in California history

By Dale Kasler and Rosalio Ahumada
Cal Fire said Tuesday that investigators have determined that a tree contacting Pacific Gas and Electric Co. power lines caused last summer’s Dixie Fire, which burned nearly 1 million acres and destroyed more than 1,300…

What to Know About California’s New Composting Law

By Molly Taft Photo: Rich Pedroncelli , AP
California kicked off 2022 by implementing a landmark composting law. Starting this month, everyone in the state is required to start composting food scraps and other materials in an effort to slash methane emissions. It’s…

California’s forever fire

By Elizabeth Weil Photo: Meridith Kohut for The New York Times Magazine
After another devastating year, it’s clear that Californians can’t keep trying to “fight” wildfires. Instead, they need to accept it as their new reality.