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Here’s what Super Bowl ads say about climate change

By Kyla Mandel Chart: Elijah Wolfson and Kyla Mandel

Toyota debuted its hybrid Prius for the first time at the Super Bowl in 2005, calling it “good news for planet Earth.” In 2006, there were two Super Bowl ads for new hybrids: one for Toyota’s Camry hybrid, and one ad for Fords’ new Escape hybrid in which Kermit the Frog concluded that maybe it was easy being green, after all. But it’s taken 17 years and over 900 total ads for climate change to finally break through at the Super Bowl.


Climate Pledges of Amazon, Google, Walmart, Others Found to Have Low Integrity

By Austin Tannenbaum Photo: New Climate Institute

The Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor, a collaboration between sustainability research institute New Climate Institute and climate policy advocate Carbon Market Watch that evaluates the transparency and integrity of companies’ climate pledges, released an analysis today that suggests the climate pledges of Amazon, Google, and others lack integrity, in reality only committing them to reducing their emissions by 40% on average, not 100% as suggested by their “net zero” and “carbon neutral” claims.


Google bans ads on content, including YouTube videos, with false claims about climate change.

By Daisuke Wakabayashi Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP

Google said it will no longer display advertisements on YouTube videos and other content that promote inaccurate claims about climate change.


Big Business Is Bankrolling an Effort to Kill the Democratic Climate Bill

By Robinson Meyer Photo: Lukas Schulze / Getty

The trade group that represents Apple, Walmart, Nike, and dozens of other companies is trying to kneecap the U.S.’s final chance to meet its 2025 climate goals.


API targets climate legislation with Facebook ad blitz

By Scott Waldman Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Two lobbying groups for the oil and gas industry have bombarded Facebook with hundreds of ads opposing climate legislation in Congress that have been viewed 23 million times. The American Petroleum Institute and the American Gas Association have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the ads to attack climate provisions in the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package proposed by Democrats, according to a report released today by InfluenceMap, a London-based nonprofit that tracks climate lobbying.


Walmart calls for “strong climate policy now,” backs campaign to kill strong climate policy

By Judd Legum Photo: Rick T. Wilking/Getty Images

In a new post on LinkedIn, Walmart’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Kathleen McLaughlin, underscored the company’s commitment to addressing climate change. But McLaughlin noted, correctly, that “even the most ambitious voluntary individual and collective actions are not sufficient” and “[b]old domestic climate policy action is needed now if we are to meet the demands of this generational moment.”


Maine Will Make Companies Pay for Recycling. Here’s How It Works.

By Winston Choi-Schagrin Photo: Leon Werdinger/Alamy

The law aims to take the cost burden of recycling away from taxpayers. One environmental advocate said the change could be “transformative.”


Opinion: The SEC must require companies to disclose their risk from climate change

By Joe Kennedy 111 and Steven M. Rothstein Photo: Andrew Harnik , AP

In July 1934, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s first chairman addressed the National Press Club. In the perilous wake of the Great Crash of 1929, he was there to reassure American families, policymakers and businesses that the federal government could protect investors from future financial shocks by regulating securities — without penalizing or limiting economic success.


The ESG Imperative: 7 Factors for Finance Leaders to Consider

By Swetha Venkataramani

The pressure on organizations to meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria is more widespread than most finance leaders might realize — 85% of investors considered ESG factors in their investments in 2020. Recent Gartner research presented at Gartner CFO and Finance Executive Conference highlights the importance of managing financial stakeholders’ perceptions of their companies’ ESG performance.