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Apple calls on global supply chain to decarbonize by 2030

The company accelerates work with suppliers to decarbonize Apple-related production, and expands investments in clean energy and climate solutions around the world


Corporate pushback against climate action is getting desperate

By Thomas Hale Photo: Mario Goebbels, Flickr

As net zero commitments reshape the world economy, and as the impacts of climate change accelerate, climate politics is getting existential. Vulnerable communities are fighting to survive. This month, one-third of Pakistan, a country of 220 million people, was flooded. At the same time, fossil fuel interest groups – coal, in particular – are trying every tactic to delay the inevitable.



By Simon Glynn

In our Getting Real report for Climate Week NYC in 2021, we set out a blueprint for a commercially smart climate transition. What we heard back from practitioners was that the blueprint was a valuable guide to what was needed, but that it required an initial step in how to get it to happen. This year, we have focused on that question: How can climate practitioners make the approaches described in our blueprint play out in their organizations?


The green IT revolution: A blueprint for CIOs to combat climate change

By Gerrit Becker and Others

Companies and governments looking to combat climate change are turning to tech for help. AI, new technologies, and some promising tech-driven business models have raised hopes for dramatic progress.


As temperatures rise, industries fight heat safeguards for workers

By Anna Phillips Photo: Cindy Karp, The Washington Post

In the nearly two decades she has worked in South Florida’s plant nurseries, baking under greenhouse plastic covers, Sandra Ascencio has seen more than her share of misery.
Ascencio remembers seeing the body of a co-worker several years ago crumpled in the parking lot as paramedics tried to revive her. The woman struggled with asthma in hot weather and may have been trying to reach her air-conditioned car, Ascencio said.


Spotting green business opportunities in a surging net-zero world

By Hauke Engel and Others

This interactive timeline presents a hypothetical scenario and is not meant to serve as a projection or prediction. It explores the uneven changes in spending, output, and job creation that could potentially occur in the eight sectors most exposed to the effects of decarbonization.¹


Clean-energy workers demand assurances on abortion care benefits

By Julian Spector Photo: John Parra, Getty Images

On Monday, a coalition of women working in clean energy called for companies to step up support for employee access to abortion and reproductive health care. Last month’s Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ended the constitutional right to abortion care and carved a new legal landscape in which reproductive rights vary wildly from state to state. Some 20 states have banned or will soon ban abortion, according to a Washington Post tally.


Walmart’s EV deal blocks Amazon as rivalry expands

By Max Garland Photo: Justin Sullivan , Getty Images

Canoo cannot design, manufacture or sell EVs to Amazon, and the company is also blocked from any deal that would transfer company control to the e-commerce giant. Any termination of the agreement, which lasts for five years, would end its exclusivity provision, according to the filing.


White House announces $700M in private investments for EV charging

By Erin Doherty Photo: Justin Sullivan , Getty Images

The Biden administration announced Tuesday that a number of companies are planning to invest more than $700 million to boost U.S. manufacturing capacity for electric vehicle charging.


Lego to invest over $1 billion in first U.S. brick plant

Photo: Aric Crabb , Getty Images

Toymaker Lego said on Wednesday it will invest more than $1 billion in its first factory in the United States, which will be carbon-neutral, to shorten supply chains and keep up with growing demand for its colored plastic bricks in one of its biggest markets.