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With money on the table, states identify 120,000 leak-prone oil wells

By Maxine Joselow

Across the country, fossil fuel companies have walked away from thousands of oil and gas wells, leaving them unplugged and idle even as many of these drill sites leak greenhouse gas emissions and pose direct threats to human health. But until recently, states had little incentive to identify these wells and few resources to plug them.


Dismal polls have Dems split over how hard to push Biden agenda

By Alexander Bolton

Democrats are divided over how hard to push President Biden’s agenda in the months remaining until Election Day, uncertain about how much risk to take on at a time when Biden’s approval rating is stuck just above 40 percent.


As Gas Prices Soar, Biden’s Climate Ambitions Sputter

By Coral Davenport

A year after he entered the White House with a vow that fighting global warming would be a driving priority for his administration, President Biden finds his climate agenda is mired in delay and faces legal, legislative and political headwinds that could diminish or dismantle it entirely.


The Man Who Gobbed Up Earth

By Bill McKibben

Just as the Oscars were getting underway last night, the New York Times published a truly remarkable exposé that helps us understand the end of our planet’s climate system in helpful detail. Receipt-laden, it shows that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has devoted his entire career in public service to keeping one particularly filthy power plant in operation, one that uses a low-grade coal mixed with clay called, poetically, “gob.”


Inside Biden’s $5.8 trillion wish list

By Andrew Ross Sorkin, Jason Karaian, Stephen Gandel, Michael J. de la Merced, Lauren Hirsch and Ephrat Livni

President Biden proposed a $5.8 trillion annual budget yesterday, a request that reflects growing security and economic concerns at home and abroad. There are billions set aside to invest in police departments and the military, paid for in part by higher taxes on corporations and the wealthy.


Sen. Jon Tester, one of the Senate’s only farmers, is an unlikely champion for climate action

By Maxine Joselow

President Biden and European leaders are expected to announce a major initiative to direct shipments of liquefied natural gas to Europe, our colleagues scooped last night. More on that below. But first:


Largest federal utility chooses gas, undermining Biden’s climate goals

By Lisa Friedman

President Biden wants electricity generated from wind, solar and other clean sources. The Tennessee Valley Authority plans to invest in fossil fuels instead.


Supreme court case could restrict Biden’s effort to tackle climate crisis

By Oliver Milman

Court to hear West Virginia case that takes aim at EPA’s ability to issue strict rules to curb pollution from fossil fuel power stations.


The White House is going after one of climate change’s thorniest problems

By Robinson Meyer

It is one of the strangest feelings that modern transportation can afford: You’ve just gotten on a train and are gazing out the window. And then, slowly, the scene outside begins to move, and for a split second your mind cannot tell whether the train is moving or the world is.


Biden administration promises to buy ‘clean’ industrial materials

By Lisa Friedman

A new initiative aims to reduce emissions from steel, cement, aluminum and other materials used in the industrial sector, which generates about a third of the nation’s greenhouse gases.