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G8 aims to halve greenhouse gases

World leaders at the G8 summit aim to set a target to halve carbon emissions by 2050 in an effort to tackle global warming.


Mayor quashes £25 C-charge hike

London Mayor Boris Johnson quashes the proposed rise in congestion charge for vehicles deemed high polluters.


UK to slow expansion of biofuels

The UK is to cut the rate of growth of biofuels because of “increasing questions” over their impact.


Japan waits on US for CO2 targets

Japan says it will not negotiate on CO2 emissions until it sees what the new US president offers on climate change.


Australia ‘needs carbon trading’

An Australian government advisor calls for a national emissions trading scheme to combat global warming.


US city to charge polluting firms

The US city of San Francisco passes new rules requiring businesses to pay for the amount of CO2 they emit.


Aviation impacts ‘hotly disputed’

Green advisers tell the government airport expansion should be suspended pending an inquiry.


Time to leave the comfort zone

Civic leaders must be willing to make tough choices if we are going to live in green cities.


Next decade ‘may see no warming’

Global temperatures may not rise for 10 years as natural cooling masks greenhouse warming, research suggests.