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Just 5% of power plants are responsible for 73% of electricity emissions

By Adele Peters

Each year, a sprawling coal power plant in Rogowiec, Poland, emits more CO2 than many countries—in 2018, roughly 38 million metric tons. It’s the most polluting power plant in the world. It’s also one of a relatively small number of power plants globally that are responsible for the majority of CO2 emissions from making electricity.


New Study Finds 5% of World’s Power Plants Cause 73% of Power Sector’s Emissions

By Natasha Lasky and Odp Staff Writer

A new study has found a mere 5% of the world’s power plants are responsible for 73% of emissions released from energy generation.  A group of researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder analyzed 2018 data from 29,000 fossil fuel power plants in 221 countries and found the world’s top emitters: six of these plants are in China and East Asia, two are in Europe, and two are in India. The world’s “super-emitters” are all coal-powered, tend to be in the global north, and run inefficiently for the amount of energy they generate. 


​Just 5 Percent of Electric Plants Responsible for 73 percent of Power Sector Emissions

By Don Grant

Just 5 percent of all power plants globally — all of them coal-fired — are responsible for 73 percent of electricity-sector carbon emissions, according to a new study that calls for cutting emissions from “hyper-polluting” power plants.


Which power companies are the worst polluters?

By Sammy Roth

America’s climate change pollution comes from many sources: cars and trucks, power plants, farming operations, home-heating systems and even trees that burn in wildfires.

But in the power sector, 85% of emissions come from just 100 companies and public agencies.