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Your Average Temperature Could Change Soon Thanks to Climate Change

By Chris Dolce

Climate averages for temperature and precipitation where you live could change next month and are influenced by climate change.

The changes will come as a part of a once-a-decade update by NOAA, which manages such records.

Climate normals are more commonly known as your average temperature and precipitation for any given period of time. They are based on a 30-year period, with 1981-2010 being the most recent dataset in use for comparison.


Climate change clearly visible as NOAA prepares to release new ‘normals’

By Monica Garrett, CNN Meteorologist

As weather experts and climatologists discussed the new climate normals being released next month, they came to a conclusion: “Climate change is clearly seen in these new normals,” said Mike Palecki, a project manager for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) 1991-2020 climate normals.