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‘Record-shattering’ heatwaves to become far more likely without urgent climate action, research warns

By Daisy Dunne

“Record-shattering” events similar to North America’s recent deadly heatwave could become far more likely in the coming years if little is done to tackle rapidly rising greenhouse gas emissions, a new study says. During an unprecedented heatwave last month, several regions in the US and Canada experienced temperatures that were several degrees higher than any previous records.


Climate change will drive rise in ‘record-shattering’ heat extremes

By Ayesha Tandon Photo: ZUMA Press Inc

“Record-shattering” extremes – which break weather records by large margins – will become more likely as a result of climate change, a new study finds. The paper, published in Nature Climate Change, finds that the northern mid-latitudes are particularly vulnerable to record-shattering heat. This is exemplified by the recent heatwave over north-western US and Canada, in which many long-standing temperature records were broken by as much as 5C.


Study: Get ready for many more record-shattering heatwaves

By Andrew Freedman Photo: NASA Earth Observatory

The recent deadly heat wave in the Pacific Northwest, during which all-time temperature records were shattered by several degrees, is a prologue to what is coming across much of the U.S., Europe and Asia, a new study finds.


The world can expect more record-shattering heat waves, research shows.

By Henry Fountain Photo: Maranie Staab/Reuters

The ferocious heat wave that hit the Pacific Northwest in late June stunned some climate scientists because it was so much more extreme than anything the region had experienced before. In most heat waves, if local temperature records are broken, it might be by a few degrees Celsius at most. But in the Pacific Northwest, the records — and there were many of them — were as much as 5 degrees Celsius (9 degrees Fahrenheit) higher than previous high temperatures.


‘Record-shattering’ heat becoming much more likely, says climate study

By Damian Carrington Photo: US Forest Service/AFP/Getty Images

“Record-shattering” heatwaves, even worse than the one that recently hit north-west America, are set to become much more likely in future, according to research. The study is a stark new warning on the rapidly escalating risks the climate emergency poses to lives.