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Parts Of The Amazon Rainforest Are Now Releasing More Carbon Than They Absorb

By Sharon Pruitt-Young Photo: Carl de Souza/AFP via Getty Images

Portions of the Amazon rainforest are now releasing more carbon dioxide than they absorb, disrupting an important balancing act that signals a worsening of the climate crisis, according to a new study.
Findings from the nearly decade-long research project, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, suggest that deforestation and fire, among other factors, have dramatically undercut the Amazon’s ability to absorb heat-trapping carbon emissions from the atmosphere.


Brazil’s Amazon is now a carbon source, unprecedented study reveals

By Liz Kimbrough Photo: Christian Braga/Greenpeace

According to a study published July 14 in Nature, the Brazilian Amazon is emitting more carbon than it captures.
This study is the first to use direct atmospheric measurements, across a wide geographic region, collected over nearly a decade that account for background concentrations of atmospheric gases.