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Study warns of ‘irreversible transition’ in ocean currents that could rapidly freeze parts of North America

By Doyle Rice

A large system of ocean currents in the Atlantic – which includes the Gulf Stream – has been disrupted due to human-caused climate change, scientists reported in a new study published Thursday. If that system collapses, it would lead to dramatic changes in worldwide weather patterns.


A Crucial System of Ocean Currents Is Faltering, Research Suggests

By Heather Murphy Photo: Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press

The water in the Atlantic is constantly circulating in a complex pattern that influences weather on several continents. And climate scientists have been asking a crucial question: Whether this vast system, which includes the Gulf Stream, is slowing down because of climate change.


A critical ocean system may be heading for collapse due to climate change, study finds

By Sarah Kaplan Photo: Salwan Georges/The Washington Post

Human-caused warming has led to an “almost complete loss of stability” in the system that drives Atlantic Ocean currents, a new study has found — raising the worrying prospect that this critical aquatic “conveyor belt” could be close to collapse.