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Oklahoma joins neighbor states in quest for dollars to prove hydrogen’s worth

Oklahoma is ready to demonstrate hydrogen’s viability as a commercial fuel, and it’s taking its effort regional through a partnership with two neighboring states.
Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana announced this week they have created a regional hydrogen hub with hopes to land a billion dollars or more in federal funds to show off what the states can do.


Standard Lithium Bets Big on Arkansas

A global conglomerate born from the oil industry is, like other big companies, investing more money domestically in greener, more sustainable forms of energy.


Arkansas poised to lead on the future of mobility

Nearly 78% of auto ads in this year’s Super Bowl featured a plug-in vehicle. Consumers are increasingly interested in electric vehicles largely due to a variety of benefits including cost savings from lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance, and fewer emissions. Some EV drivers are seeing additional savings when charging up using energy produced by their own solar panels.


Entergy Arkansas brings 100 MW solar farm online, with 30 MW battery storage option

Entergy Arkansas’ Searcy Solar Energy Center went online last week, becoming the company’s first battery storage capable solar farm, with 30 MW of storage capability and no added fuel costs for customers.


Battling climate disruption

The problem of global climate disruption is one of the most complicated issues of our time. Identifying the cause isn’t — the climate is in peril because we humans are spewing ridiculous amounts of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere and causing the planet to warm.



With the signing of Act 696 of the Arkansas 86th General Assembly (HB2460),
Governor Mike Beebe established the Governor’s Commission on Global Warming (GCGW). The 21 members of the GCGW were appointed by the Governor and state Legislature, and represented a wide diversity of perspectives with members from business, energy providers, manufacturing, transportation,


State of Arkansas Energy Assurance Plan

The Energy Assurance Plan will provide: a vehicle for documenting and understanding our state’s energy infrastructure; an updated list of contact information for all energy stakeholders; an evaluation of the risks, vulnerabilities, and interconnected issues of all sources of energy; and the future roles and impacts of renewable technologies combined with the integration and expansion of Smart Grid technologies into the electric systems of Arkansas and the surrounding region.