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Phoenix temperatures will heat up to the extreme once again this weekend

The National Weather Service in Phoenix warned the metropolitan area and parts of south-central Arizona could see potentially record-breaking temperatures this weekend. Areas of southeast California may also be impacted.


The Federal Bureau of Reclamation Announces Reduced Water Cuts for Colorado River States

By Wyatt Myskow

Federal officials announced Tuesday they would be easing water cuts on the Colorado River next year following a wet winter that has now given the Southwest some breathing room as users continue to negotiate long-term solutions to the region’s drought.


Arizona’s Republican legislature—the most fanatical climate change deniers

By Gloria Bernstein

Even with record evidenced heat that has never before been experienced consecutively in the Arizona desert, hard-line Arizona Republicans refuse to concede any resemblance of truth to the science that our planet is over-heating, it is affecting our climate and we are in trouble.


Arizona Republicans don’t want to hear about the deadly heat wave

By Hank Stephenson

When Arizona lawmakers returned to the state Capitol here earlier this month, they started their day with a prayer to ease the scorching heat.


First look: Culdesac brings car-free living to car-centric Phoenix

By Jessica Boehm

In a metro that’s been called “sprawling,” “car-centric” and “the world’s least sustainable city,” one new development stands in steadfast defiance.


These places baked the most during Earth’s hottest month on record

By Ian Livingston

July 2023 will go down as the hottest month on record across the globe, and perhaps the hottest in at least 120,000 years, according to climate scientists. During this sweltering month for the planet, countless daily, monthly and all-time record high temperatures were reached in multiple regions, often concurrently.


You Can’t Game a Climate Emergency

By Henry Grabar

How hot was July in Phoenix? Too hot to be a cactus. Too hot to hold a handrail. Hot enough that children were getting second-degree burns on their feet from the surfaces of patios, balconies, and sidewalks that reached 160 degrees. Hot enough that people with temperatures 10 degrees above normal were being injected with frigid IV fluids. So hot that you could be scalded by the first blast of sunbaked water to come out of the garden hose.


This Development Wants Residents to Ditch Their Cars. In Phoenix

By Ira Boudway

Three years ago Robert Chaffeur, a retiree living in the suburbs of Tacoma, Washington, was looking for a new place to live when he saw an online ad for Culdesac Tempe. Billed as “the first car-free neighborhood built from scratch in the US,” the development in Arizona checked all the boxes on his wishlist: Chaffeur wanted to move somewhere warm, walkable and that wasn’t a retirement community.


Biden goes west to talk about his administration’s efforts to combat climate change

President Joe Biden will travel to Arizona, New Mexico and Utah next week and is expected to talk about his administration’s efforts to combat climate change as the region endures a brutally hot summer with soaring temperatures, the White House said Monday.


It’s so hot in Arizona, doctors are treating a spike of patients who were burned by falling on the ground

By Jen Christensen

It is so hot in Maricopa County, Arizona, that people are being brought into the emergency room with significant, sometimes life-threatening burns. For the past three or four weeks of this record heatwave, people have been burned just by falling on the ground.