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New electric-car chargers in downtown Tucson meet growing need

By David Wichner Photo: Ana Beltran , Arizona Daily Star
Electric vehicle drivers will have more options to recharge while in downtown Tucson, thanks to a new bank of chargers installed by Hotel Congress that is seen as a model for other businesses.

Arizona needs a truly regional power market to keep the lights on (and affordable)

By Nate Blouin
Arizona’s electric grid faces unprecedented challenges in the form of heat waves, wildfires, drought and other impacts of changing climate. These threats test the limits of our infrastructure, meaning we must adapt and innovate the…

Dam providing power to millions nears critically low water level

By Benjamin J. Hulac Photo: Bill Clark , CQ Roll Call
A federal dam in Arizona that provides electricity to millions of Americans is at risk this year of running out of the minimum level of water required to generate that power.

Absorbing Water from the Air with Hydropanels: The Next Step in Tackling Water Scarcity?

By Clarissa Wright Photo: Riccardo Mayer ,
The water available for each living person on the Earth is dropping every day. Yet, a huge portion of the planet’s water is in the air. To tap into this easily overlooked resource, companies have…

Ducey announces historic investment in Arizona’s water future

By Shelle Jackson Photo: Meleny Gradillas
The plan would invest $1-billion to secure Arizona's water supply over the next century. Details will be included in Governor Ducey's budget proposal, to be released Friday.

As the Colorado River shrinks, can new technology save water on farms? The answer is complicated

By Alex Hager Photo: Alex Hager , KUNC
On a warm November day in Yuma, Arizona, the desert sun is beating down on a sea of low, green fields. Here, near the banks of the Colorado River, Matt McGuire is surveying an expanse…

Here’s what you need to know about the Phoenix Climate Action Plan

By Olivia Dow
Locals are familiar with extended days of extreme heat in the summer – but they might not realize the average temperature in Phoenix has increased 4.3 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1970s, according to Climate Central.

Colorado River forecast improves with early snow, but the outlook could still change

By Brandon Loomis Photo: Nick Oza , The Republic
Early winter rain and snow across the interior West have improved the outlook for springtime flows on the Colorado and other rivers that supply the Southwest.

Groups gather at Arizona Capitol to call for environmental action, representation

By Nicholas Gerbis
Representatives from environmental groups, faith-based organizations, science and government on Wednesday gathered at the Arizona state Capitol Rose Garden to present their priorities for the governor and Legislature.

With less water on the surface, how long can Arizona rely on what’s underground?

By Alex Hager Photo: Ryan Harvey , CC BY-SA 2.0
In Arizona, verdant fields of crops and a growing sprawl of suburban homes mean a sharp demand for water in the middle of the desert. Meeting that demand includes drawing from massive stores of water…